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Nike's transparent billboard - Nike wants you to slam into a wall.

That transparency thing seems to be all the rage now, everyone was doing it on flickr, then those Amnesty billboards took the world by storm (and is setting an unbeatable trackback record here, wow) - and now advertka shows us this mysterious Nike billboard.....

I don't quite know what the deal is here though.. Is there a billboard there and they want Nike-buyers to slam their noses in it, hard? Or is there just a promise of roads that never end? Is it symbolic of that wall you hit when running and encouragment to keep on running? Or what?

Your interpretations are as good as mine...


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HaHaSoup's picture

If it is not only see-through, but also walk-through, then I like it. A truly interactive outdoor ad.

Plywood's picture

Olllllllllllllld idea.

Been done for the Weather Channel, "realistic picture" TV ads, etc etc.

Dabitch's picture

Email me some, we'll collect 'em all into one giant sized badlander post!

payote's picture

I agree - I don't think it's 'transparent' at all. I think it's just a frame that you can walk (or as Nike seems to be admonishing) run through.

Which is cool.

Dabitch's picture

If it's walk-through (err.. run through) then it's brilliant. How did they get that "run [logo]" part to stick there?

AnonymousCoward's picture

I'm nearly certain it's painted.