Olympus Binoculars - Closer - (print) Australia


Olympus Binoculars - Closer - (print) Australia

I'm not sure if JWT Sydney is telling me that the items viewed through Olympus Binoculars come a lot closer, or that Olympus Binoculars are magical animal magnets that suck the critters in. Either way, funny images.

Jeffrey Oley, Typographer
Adam Taylor, Photographer
Electric Art, Retoucher
Andy DiLallo, Executive Creative Director
Jay Benjamin, Executive Creative Director
John Lam, Creative Group Head/ Art Director
Jason Ross, Creative Group Head/ Copywriter
Account Service: Peter Bosilkovski

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A bit too obvious for my liking, but I suppose it gets the idea across.

I prefer this one, same basic thought but better communicated.

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland Creative Directors: Urs Schrepfer, Daniel Comte Copywriter: Florian Birkner Art Director: Roland Scotoni Photographers: Stephan Schacher, Steve Bloom, Ardea, NHPA

nice super

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