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Playtex launches Fresh + Sexy Intimate Wipes with beavers, Jezebel has a cow.


In the world where there are no bidets (ie; everywhere but France), but there are urinary tract infections and there's a monthly Clean-Up in Aisle One needed, Playtex have launched their Fresh + Sexy Intimate Wipes. Playtex are selling them on sexy-time, for both sexes - unlike competing brand products who only vaguely discuss "freshness" and target women only.

In other news, Jezebel like to be dirty and think they have penises, or something, as it's clear the author of that post (Katie Baker) doesn't seem to that realize 50% of these ads are targeted to men who really should clean up their pecker & wood after whittling the bush. She dislikes the selling tactic as it implies that genitals are gross. Of course they're not, but sometimes they are dirty, and often because we have been - unless it's because we're taking Carrie to the prom. Frankly it's not only good hygiene to clean up after sex, but also better for your sexual health in the long run. If there's no shower around, wipe. Heed this advice, young'uns.

"Although they're for both genders, they're mostly marketed towards women because ladies are particularly self-conscious about their genitals..." Or... perhaps it's because ladies like to be clean? Wait, this is a bad thing? I don't think young ladies are more self-conscious about their genitals than a horde of teenage boys armed with rulers are about theirs. While using deodorant and douches down there can be downright damaging if not ridiculous, there's nothing wrong with wiping off an area before people eat there. Or washing your hands before you dig in. You have soap in your shower, don't you? You shower, don't you?

The euphemisms on the other hand, can we talk about how bad they are? There's no beef bayonet in sight. If we're going to sell Intimate Wipes on sex, at least call a copywanker.


Playtex Fresh + Sexy Intimate Wipes

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And I thought the suits were over this kind of condescending advert. Jezebel's words are not that shocking. The vagina site on the other hand with all those amateur photos (and jacked p0rn pics) were shocking; people need to learn color match and basic lighting. WHAT? Scoffs, one crutch is the same as another, however, it is a crime to do bad photos after someone is brave enough to put the pussy in the press. [ed: sounds good but I am not "the press"]

Oh, BTW, I have, mumble, cough.. interview & video that .au news[?] crew made. They were working the angle it was a problem regulators created -- .au government regulations of full-frontal photos require "neat tidy vagina area" or the magazine was not connivence store approved. Photoshopping p0rn pics to make false impressions on the clueless is government's job in any country. The crew went to plastic surgeon next. Film may still be online. nah it is history.

I guess the Department of {who the fuc cares} wants to put a sticker on all tuna. I did not forget the 'Johnson' hanging out and not really getting much press unless it is entertainment property or politicos. then just keep it in your pants -- your Valet can handle detailing. The other option is watch the dog; learn, train and watch for alcohol in mystery wipes.

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Good advice. The watch for alcohol bit. That's not something you want to wipe with. That's alcohol abuse.

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Wow. Jezebel embarrassed themselves.

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> implying that they don't always.