NY-based creative agency Woods Witt Dealy& Sons has created a global integrated campaign to launch Powermat (www.powermat.com), a new wireless charging device that defies categorization.
The TV campaign, which broke this week, captures the reactions most people have when seeing or using the Powermat for the first time, i.e., WTF?

The OOH campaign is simpler, it depicts wires are evuuul. They are, lets face it, all they do is trip me. The doors appear at the airports New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“We wanted to be engaging and interruptive without obscuring Powermat's functionality,” said Harry Woods, partner and co-creative director at WWD&S. “In other words, be product focused but in a surprising way,” added longtime partner Gill Witt. “We set out to capture the ‘what the &*#@?’ response people have when experiencing Powermat for the first time,” said Woods.

Creative Directors: Harry Woods/Gill Witt
Writer: Harry Woods
Art Directors: Gill Witt, Dan Gearity, Chris Pace, Hez Kim, Jang Cho, Eric Altbush, Steve McCarron
Broadcast Producer: Rob Farber
Print Producer: Jeff Greenberg
Digital Producer: Michael Daly
Int’l Sr Project Mgr: Stephanie Fagan
Project Mgr: April Kandel
Project Mgr: Angel Zhang
Director Acct Ser: Phyllis Dealy

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