'Scuse me, have you seen Carlsberg's passport?

New York-based communications agency Cossette Post, offspring from the Canadian Cossette, have cooked up a stunt involving passports. Party passports.

Picture getting into a cab in New York City and finding an orphaned passport in the back seat. What would you do? Open it of course.

Then you are a good samaritan, and maybe just a tad curios. The passport looks like the real deal on the outside, with the typical gold stamp text and a textured cover. Those in the know will spot where that crown comes from immediately, I just compared it to the beer I'm holding, yes, it's a Carlsberg.

Inside however you'll discover that this is a Carlsberg passport, probably the best beer in the world, and Carlsberg has seen the world. The inside pages have stamps from all the countries where you may quench your thirst with the Danish brew, along with practical information like how to toast in 34 different languages and how to ask "May I please have a Carlsberg beer" in everything from French to Romanian. There is also a two-page outline on "The Carlsberg Way of Making A World of Friends," which includes international do's and don'ts for world travelers. For example, in China, "spitting,
staring and drinking Carlsberg are acceptable. However, wearing shorts isn't". Who knew?

These passports will be distributed in bars, buses, cabs and cafés of key cities in 35 states across the United States including Chicago, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Bonus Carlsberg trivia, Carlsberg founder Carl Jacobsen commissioned the little mermaid statue that has become a symbol of Denmark worldwide, and in 1883 Carlsberg's Emil Christian Hansen developed a method for propagating pure yeast, which revolutionized the brewing industry. The yeast is named Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis and given freely to the world. Yes, Carlsberg is an open source beer!

Bonus passport trivia - the headline for this post came from a rather embarrassing moment (for me) where I appear in the part of a "desperate groupie" campaigning to find Robbie Williams passport. If anyone cares to see that commercial, click here. Yes, that's me in the black and white hair. *shudder*

Skål! Slanche! Proost! Cheers! Sláinte!

Cossette Post

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Faux Passports - Because City-folk just aren't jaded enough!

Has anyone else seen all those fake dollar-bills littering the streets?
Passports will soon be the same kind of nuisance. Next they'll revert to leaving baby carriages with a fake crying baby in it on the streets.
We must use the last shred of decency people have to flog product!

I'm sorry, I forgot to drink the cool-aid today.

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I worked at Cossette Post and this campaign was a total crock. We dropped passports for a few days and then lost interest. I think 95% of them are still in boxes sitting around the Cossette Post offices. Well, serves Carlsberg right for being so damn cheap!

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Yaknow that doesn't suprise me one bit.