TBWA launch Nissan’s new strategy with new Nissan JUKE campaign


The press work unveils an art installation of the Nissan JUKE, formed by adventure sport equipment that inspired the Nissan JUKE design. A Behind the Scene content film can be accessed via QR codes on the outdoor and print executions, showing how the installation was brought together.

See also Nissan Juke - Built to thrill / Skydive - (2012) :60

‘Built To Thrill’, led by Nissan Europe, TBWA\G1 with TBWA\London, and \Else, will highlight the premium and credible elements of the Nissan JUKE. The campaign focuses on the inspiration behind Nissan JUKE, featuring original design elements: a dune buggy (originally chosen for its high arched wheel design) is combined with a motorbike (the inspiration for the interior design and console) to build a 3D image of a JUKE, with the car seat fabric being inspired by wet suit material. Other extreme sport equipment such as a canoe and snowboard are also featured to appeal to Nissan JUKE’s target audience who seek excitement and fun in the city.

Art buying/Producer Louise Cripps, Claire Delafons, Trudy Waldron
Photographer: Luke Kirwan
Set Designer : Lyndsay Milne
Set Building : Andy Knight

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