Peloton's Stylish Post-Lockdown Ad stole its visual concept from Lowe's

Every idea always exists in the world, independent from us, and waits to be "picked." 

I honestly believe that, but I also see that we are always inspired by other campaigns, and sometimes we straight up copy them. Ideas can happen at the same time, like when the giant boxes covered Amsterdam or countless other Badland examples, but this example looks like it was genuinely copied. I don't know, obviously. I wasn't there, I'm not a slash, but let's look at these two, shall we?

Nice, right? The homes and different perspectives all collect together in a large gabled house, that fits under the Lowe's logo. The logo then reinforces this collective community by showing different roof gables, meaning everything under one roof, your roof, can be found at Lowe's and all roofs are Lowe's. Aw, community and concept. PS I just love the animated gable logo bit, that's awesome.

Yeah okay, that may be reading into it a bit, but I still love the design of the switching gables, and I really love The Mill's treatment of the rooms fitting in under a gable. It fits perfectly. It is visual branding that works. Not a fad. There's an obvious idea and connection to the concept here. It works in anthem spots and military spots. Very nice. 

So when I saw this ad for Peloton, I didn't think it was for Peloton at all. 

The ad caught my eye as I was eating dinner with my family. I thought I was watching a Lowe's ad.
So sorry that I don't have the commercial here, yet, but as you may know by my history I am a bit picky about getting someone's OK to post copyrighted work (unlike most sites) and I'm also quite open with what I think about work so that can get thorny at times. 

Well, here's what I think about this. The Peloton ad looks like they've taken all of the previous Peloton ads and jammed them into a blender in the hopes of making a glorious workout protein smoothie.
But like any smoothie, it will only be good for you if you have good things in it and the previous Peloton ads are all "action shots" of attractive people in the right demographic, working out on various things. In other words, pretty boring, not ownable, and bland. There are other workout machines connected to the internet now, you know. 

So to add to this blandness, they've now decided to advertise their many different items by showing different workouts, in different rooms, in colourful sets of rooms all housed in a gable. 

I'm sorry, when did Peloton become a home improvement brand? What happened here?


I'll tell you what I think happened, it could be anything from "demo love" to an art director being supremely lazy when they clocked off and left a screenshot in the deck that depicted the Lowe's gable. Clients do tend to fall in love with what they can see, and it's our job to make them see other possibilities. Especially if the ad is done in-house. Do not allow them to demand the exact shot used in a deck. (insert swears here)

The biggest difference between Lowe's and Peloton is that Lowe's ads have actual ideas, stories and concepts - and they use the gable design as a visual mnemonic to open and close their message. They own this opening and closing now, and Peloton does not. So how much did Peloton just spend to look like Lowe's?

Peloton just edited together a bunch of people working out and slapped a Mill-like gable design on the end. Congrats to the Mill for always being visually excellent, I suppose, but at some point, other companies should stop using you as "visual reference," especially from people who don't know what they're doing.

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