Prime Video is celebrating the beautiful game of football with Ligue 1 Uber Eats Symphony

An artistic and musical performance in which the coaches become orchestra conductors

I just showed this offspring, who is just as big of a football fan as I am, and she exclaimed "DAMN, that was too good", and I completely agree. This was all the emotions of a great game, distilled into in a symphony.

To enhance the Ligue 1 Uber Eats show, Prime Video presents its "Ligue 1 Symphony", a hymn created using the gestures and body languages of the Ligue 1 coaches who, exceptionally, swap their sideline pacing for the role of orchestra conducting, leading 70 musicians and choristers. A symphony for football, by football.
Ligue 1 Uber Eats is one of the greatest championships.
Each weekend, on the side pitches, the coach is a bona fide orchestra conductor, directing and guiding its "artists" - the players.
Prime Video and creative agency Marcel wanted to highlight this parallel with the world of music through "Ligue 1 Uber Eats Symphony", an original composition in which the maestros are Ligue 1 coaches, virtually directing an orchestra of 70 musicians and choristers.

To execute this idea, the creation process was just as unique. A single camera was placed in front of each coach to analyse and film their gestures. These movements were then picked apart and sorted based on their coherence and amplitude. Prime Video teamed up with Saycet, a French composer of electronic music and film soundtracks, to create this symphony, inspired by these movements.
"The coaches' movements have inspired the way the music is written", explains Saycet. "That's where the heart of this project's challenge lies. We needed to essentially do the work backwards."

To interpret this original composition, 70 musicians and choristers were gathered in the auditorium of the Niemeyer space in Paris. In the place of the orchestra conductor, a screen broadcasting the recorded gestures of the coaches gave instructions and set the tempo, conducting the musicians. The result? A rhythmic symphony which re-transcribes all of the intensity and emotions of a football match.

Prime Video
Helen Cowley: Marketing Director
Xuan Pham: Senior Creative Director
Edouard Van Wynsberghe: Marketing Lead Live Sports
Gemma Mayat: Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Najib Messaoudi: Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Sabrina Belaïba: Campaign Producer
Ben Walker: Campaign Producer
Elsa Gueroult: PR Manager Sports
Antoine Gazel Jauregui: Social Media Manager
Ian Brook: Media Manager
Bernard Chatillon: Head of Sports
Pascal Nessim & Charles Georges-Picot: Co-CEO
Youri Guerassimov & Gaëtan du Peloux: Chief Creative Officers
Benjamin Taïeb: Managing Director
Jérémie Bottiau: Creative Directors
Alexandre Girod: Copywriter
Julien Vergne: Art Director
Lucile Wissocq: Business Director
Quentin Seguret & Clara Bizet: Group Managers
Camille Dangoumau: Account Manager Assistant
Antoine Zago-Meyer: Project Manager
Charlotte Giraud-Charreyron: Social Media Strategy Lead
Ivana Huc: Community Manager
Loick Tranier: Cadreur & Monteur
Julien Hannedouche: Cameramen & Edit
Franck Annese: Executive Producer
Allso: Production
Lucas Posson: Director
Ludovic Zuili: Director of Photography
Louise Morand Producer
Rudy Annese: Key Set Decorator
Romuald Carruesco: Post-Production Director
Allso + Firm: Image Post Production
Durango Studio + Kouz: Sound Post Production
Romain Clisson: Sound Mix
Saycet : Composer
Moritz: Orchestrator

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