Ad Brief: When Brands should not speak & how to put words in celebs mouths: Guest Evan Brown

We were a bit shocked when we recorded the podcast this week as it was the day we saw tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombs. We know many in Boston, our main muse Caffeinegoddess lives in Boston, so like so many other people that day, we were frantically sending texts to check on everyone. If we found information that could help other people, we tweeted it from @adland. This became our first topic on the podcast, how brands behave in the wake of tragedy, and how should they? Like Agencyspy posted today silence is golden. Like Kidsleepy said the day after, when he realized that Oreo hadn't tweeted anything that day: "Restraint shows an incredible amount of class and tact." Indeed.

Evan Brown ACD at Saatchi LA is our very first guest on the podcast. As a copywriter he's worked with quite a few famous musicians, and I've always wanted to know how do you put words in someone elses mouth, while Noah wants to know how do you sell the Crazy that is Bootsy Collins to a client. We learn much as we pick Evan's brains, and I hope you will enjoy this too. We discussed writing this ad, 'Ice Cube celebrates the Eames' , which brought home a chunk of awards last award season.

Pacific Standard Time - Ice Cube celebrates the Eames - (2011) 2:15 (USA)

Back to the start of the show, this is an example of what @adland tweeted on Tuesday. This is the type of information that is suitable for the channel Adland as you readers are ad-folk. Edward Boches, being an individual in Boston who also happens to head up an agency, could be more Boston-informative so I pointed to him for those who wanted more info. Apart from the obvious news sources, it's interesting to follow real people who are actually there.

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This is the best ad-podcast series I've heard so far. For once, opinionated critique and industry insight- great if you just started working in advertising, like I have. Please don't wait another four month for the next set of two podcasts.

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We're recording another one tonight, just because you nudged us so nicely. ;) Keep an eye out on Wed! And cheers! Glad you like it, we'll try to keep it educational while interesting.