Salvation Army - Facebook 360 Video (2016) (Canada)

GREY CANADA WON’T ALLOW POVERTY TO HIDE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. New Salvation Army campaign reveals a side of the holidays we don’t often see. This is the 360 that goes with the TVC "Holiday Card". The Salvation Army and GREY Canada have launched a new holiday campaign to drive donations and bring awareness to the issue of hidden poverty just ahead of the holiday season. “Poverty Isn’t Always Easy to See. Especially During the Holidays” is an initiative aimed at showing that poverty exists not just on the streets, but also inside the homes of their fellow Canadians. The campaign highlights that even during this idyllic time of year, one in every ten Canadian families still live in poverty. The centerpiece of the multi-channel campaign uses Facebook’s new 360-image feature to show seemingly happy families posing for their holiday photos. It’s not until the user explores the rest of the image, via the 360 functionality, that the true plight of these families is revealed. Television and print work also leans into the duality of the season, demonstrating how easily poverty can hide amidst the joy of the holidays, and reminding us that in an age where people curate their lives on social media, that it’s not always easy to see who needs help. “With this campaign we’ve been striving to get the Canadian public to think differently about poverty in this country, and it’s especially important to understand how hard the demands of the holidays are when you can’t make simple ends meet. We want people to consider that those living in poverty go to great lengths to mask it,” said Darlene Remlinger, President of GREY Toronto. “And in a country this advanced and this wealthy, we need to shine a light on the issue since it’s much closer than anyone believes it to be.” About GREY Canada GREY Canada is part of the advertising network of Grey Group, which ranks among the largest global communications companies. Its parent company is WPP (NASDAQ:WPPGY). Under the banner of “Famously Effective Since 1917,” the agency serves a roster of the world’s best-known brands including P&G, Brown-Forman, Post Foods, GSK, and Volvo as well as leading not-for-profits Salvation Army and Ovarian Cancer Canada. GREY is Canada’s most awarded agency for “famously effective” work including the CASSIES, EFFIES, and D&AD Impact Awards

Poverty Isn’t Always Easy to See. Especially During the Holidays ​.​ Agency: GREY Canada Executive Creative Directors: Joel Arbez, James Ansley Art Directors: Oliver Brooks, Ryan McNeill, Janet Wen Writers: Mike Richardson, Shirley Yushkov Account Director: Siobhan Doyle Account Executive: Kit Kostandoff Strategic Planner: Jean Claude Kikongi Producers: Vanessa Birze, Deena Archibald, Sam Benson Digital Producer: Dominic Barlow Director of Technology and UX: Marc Cattapan PRODUCTION PARTNERS Production Company: Westside Studios Director/Photographer: Frank Hoedl Editorial: Christina Humphries, Rooster Post Post Production: Fort York Colour: The Vanity Audio: Boombox, Cylinder Sound

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The people who keep commenting about 'real poverty' being in Egypt, or the entire continent of Africa are not paying attention. This is an ad targeted at Canadians about Canadians.
Not every ad is serving a global audience. I know that an ad school is sending you to this post and I'd F every one of you who fails to understand what targeted advertising in a single market means.

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