Sony Bravia color like no other tears the house down.

We knew it involved thousand of gallons of paint and pyrotechnics, as seen in the sneak peak clip here, and I'll admit being pretty exited about the possible outcome here.... Jonathan Glazer and the creative team had some very big shoes to fill. Big red clown shoes as it turns out. So now that the New Bravia ad is here - what do we think? I'll go first.
big BIG shoes
See ad here: or here.

I dig that they're painting a grey housing estate in Glasgow, that's funny. I just wish they blew it all up while they were at it. All in due time, the site is set for demolition. But the music choice? My god - who set the time machine back to the late seventies? Haven't we done, re-done and over-done that piece by now? Is this perhaps a nudge nudge to the use of Carmina Burana in the BIG ad (qt here)....or just Jonathan Glazer wishing he was Stanley Kubrick? All I know is, it's not working. In the Big Ad, using Carmina is part of the joke. In a Clockwork Orange Ludwig van is the soundbed for everything. Here it takes us a little too close to ancient Fiat ads and more recent razor-blade commercials, all the while irony is dead buried and pushing up daisies that have been stomped on. Twice. And they've been grazed by a cow who has four stomachs. Mmmmkay? Just stop it already.

Having said that, I love the evil clown. And I love the exploding paint, a pyrotechnics wet dream. But when the sneak peaks are more tantalising than the end result, something is wrong and my money is on the music.

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Sony Bravia - Paint (Trailer) (2006) 0:60 (UK)

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AnonymousCoward's picture

couldn't agree more

Plywood's picture

There was way too much sneak peeking on this spot.
By the time I saw the finished spot I already knew half the shots.
Totally ruined the surprise.
It would have been better if they shut their big yappers throughout production.
Kind of wrecks a great spot.

caffeinegoddess's picture

I don't like clowns.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Yep...the trailer was better than the movie. A lot of the fountain-type shots looked fake, though I imagine they were just didn't have the grandeur of the first.

Suffers greatly from the Hollywood Big-Idea-Must-Be-Followed-Up-By-A-Big-Budget Syndrome. "Speed" cost nothing and made $200 million. "Speed 2" cost $200 million and made nothing.

Dabitch's picture

Yes! That's it, the spot suffers from BIMBFUBAB, closely related to FUBARED.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Also the fountain style shots remind me of the paint splatter style used by graphic designers and AD's in virtually any fashion magazine across the globe. This is SO last spring.

But having said that - why don't we just all admit that we would LOVE to have this kind of budget? And that part of us would have wanted to be on the set, getting all dirty in paint and screaming - The Clown made me do it. The Clowns... ARGH. Paint, paint, paint, paint.

AnonymousCoward's picture

I actually don't mind them revealing the production. It created a legitimate buzz, and I thought it was pretty smart. It's just that the final product fell so short of our expectations. The first time I saw the "making of" clip, I pictured a few scenarios of how the finished product is going to look like, and I knew I was going to be blown away because Jonathan Glazer would come up with something to astound and do magic with that footage. So it came with disappointment when it was just straight-up documentary camera work with hackneyed music. Is the purpose of the clown really just to replace the frog? Either way, it feels unimportant this time around.

mikemystery's picture

i swear to god, this ad brought a tear to my eye. A thing of rare beauty.