Sweden Democrats covered a train with ads - and were reported for "inciting hatred against ethnic groups"

Sweden Democrats don't generally do well when they advertise in the subway-underground-metro system of Stockholm. (In Swedish it's called "tunnelbana" by the way). 

In 2015, a minor riot broke out due to a campaign by the Sweden Democrats at one subway station. The concept of the campaign was to apologize for the number of beggars sleeping in the street and subway systems, and it was vandalized immediately. Then there were protests n the city regarding the ads, and the fact that people had torn them down.

So, even back in 2015 people responsible for advertising media in the capitol were discussing whether they could ever allow the Sweden Democrats again.

So when this train suddenly traveled through the entire transit system in Stockholm today, people were a bit shocked to see it. The entire train is covered with the big happy blue flowers of the Sweden Democrat party. It's your regular "wrap" advert, but it's for a political party that enrages people.

Swedish political party symbols deserve an article alone. So, just be informed that each party now picks a flower as their symbol and the blue one that the Sweden Democrats have chosen is the Blåsippa, Hepatica nobilis, which is not only a protected plant in Sweden but also shares a common root with all the flowers you can visibly see. The symbolism is very heavy there.

det omstridda SD-tåget

Your regular ad with party colors and symbolism wouldn't be that bad, but then a politician from the aid party tweeted this: 

The text in his tweets claims this to be the "returning train", and the next stop to be "Kabul".
Well, naturally all of the media reporters lost their collective minds. And, so did everyone who saw the tweet. Tobias Andersson's tweet was reported as "hate against an ethnic group" (reported here and here), which is an actual crime in Sweden that can carry a prison sentence. Tobias says "he regrets nothing" about the tweet.

Soon, the Stockholm traffic administration carried out a risk analysis regarding the next campaign from the Sweden Democrats that had been booked in their media spaces. The SD campaign idea was pretty simple, just paste the regular blue SD flower visuals on available poster boards in subway stations, anywhere that these places are available.

However, the Stockholm traffic administration has come to a conclusion: "The risk analysis shows, taking into account previous incidents, that the placement of the advertising surfaces, in this case, entails a not insignificant risk for the safety of people in the traffic environment. In order to meet and reduce the risk, measures need to be taken." 

In translation, no matter how cutesy they will make this political party's flowers, some people will risk touching the third rail to tear down a poster. In conclusion, they can not put the posters across from the platform, past the rails or the wall, due to this risk. And that happens to be the most common advertising space in the underground. Fancy that. 

"hard punishments for criminals" coupled with an airlane, suggesting deportation
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