Maybelline - Forbidden Fruits - Kissing Slick (1980) print, USA

"I'm not as innocent as I seem"

"Look ma, I'm a sexpot" - Yardley 1976

"I never dreamed I could be a sexpot till I found Pot'C'Gloss. It's the sensual way to make up.
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Coty - Nature's Blush "The Miracle that happens on your face" 1976

In the seventies, Coty launched a "miracle blush" that would only become a color once you applied it to your skin.

Milk / Mjölk - The drink mixer / Lasse Åberg / Sköt om dig. Drick mjölk (1976) :30 (Sweden)

It's very difficult to explain who Lasse Åberg is, bet let's begin with that he is a Swedish actor, musician, film director, and artist who
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Love's Baby Soft - Because innocence is sexier than you think (portrait)

Somewhere, in a clients boardroom in America, someone thought this was a good idea. The seventies were pretty different huh?
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