Rio Carioca Beer - Summer of the cans (again)

Few summers are so remarkable to deserve a title, but the Brazilian summer of 1987 became 'The Summer of the Cans', after thousands of cans

Delta Lloyd Life - Sandra Kim "J'aime la vie" 25 years later - (2010)

"vous serez pensionné plus vite que vous ne le pensez"

Fuzzy flashbacks from days of yore - the 80s.

Superadgrunts, Adland has a special treat for you to wrap up 2005.

Mars - Yacht race - (1986) :30 (UK)

A mars a day helps you work rest and play. Also it helps you get a yacht in the water, packed, rigged to sail and take you around the world.

NEC PC-8200 series,Toy Gun, Japan, 1985

Did he just rob her with a toy gun?

Pop Rocks - STRAWBERREH - (1985) :30 (USA)

Pop rocks explodes with flavours in your mouth, leaving your tongue a weird color.
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Radio Shack - Bill Bixby - Tandy - Dawn of a New Era (1984) - 0:30 (USA)

Bill Bixby competes against Alan Alda and Apple "1984" trying to sell computers in this years super bowl commercials. Bill lost.
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Maxell - Blown Away (1979) 0:30 (USA)

The original. Accept no substitutes or parodies.
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