Nerd Wallet Extends "Turn to the Nerds" Platform in New Campaign; First Work Under New CMO

“Turn to the Nerds” launched last summer, and it was designed to introduce the NerdWallet brand as a friendly, approachable resource - and showed this

Ad Chat: Luke Sullivan on creative culture and not being an asshat

Luke Sullivan needs no introduction, really.

Top ten tips for teams on placement from Johnny and Angus

Listen up, young and old, n00bs and not Johnny and Angus have made a list of 10 Little Nuggets for Placement Teams. Their advice is solid.

Sensoa - Sauna - (2008) :70 (Belgium)

The world's first gay

Sensoa - Words of wisdom - (2008) 1:40 (Belgium)

Advice from "the world's first gay"

23 pieces of advice on your job hunt

1. Be wary of agencies owned by a Holding Co.

Big vs. Small - which ad agency should you pick?

This is the simplistic theory of an industry that lives and thrives on simplification (of products, of brands): if your agency is small you are creati
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Pounding the Pavement - how to show your portfolio

To show your book around is painful, frustrating,and time consuming, what should one do? We've all been there.

The A B C's of advertising rules.

Work off of a proposition from a good strategic brief. It tells you who you are talking to, and what they need/want this product for.

Paul Arden's Lecture at the D&AD

"Everybody probably does want to be good but not everybody are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes.

Dow - You're On Your Way (1986) - 0:30 (USA)

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