Red Bull - Secret Agent Spec - (2009) :30 (USA)

Director, Daniel Czernilofsky, spent a large portion of his life in Austria, consuming Red Bull in its native land.

Festis - Mailbox (1995) :20 (Sweden)

Trying to get to the secret stash of Festis.

Festis - Airport (1995) :20 (Sweden)

Secret agent types chase each other around through an airport trying to get to the Festis.

Polycell Polyfilla - Crack Squad (1988) :50 (UK)

A team of ninja agents break into some old ladies' home and start shooting up the place.

Benson and Hedges - Border exchange - (1972) 0:55 (UK)

The dramatic exchange. What's in the case? What a thrilling spy story,
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