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Want to be an "assvertiser"? Cottonelle is looking for you!

Assvertising is back!

Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten new ad space ideas in the past ten years.

Another countdown to 2010, in the past ten years the internet (and this website) has matured its way up to "2.0", everyone on earth learned

MASSAD - Spankvertising - ambient, The Netherlands

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Gene Simmons assvertises at Hard Rock in New York

We now have photographic evidence that Gene Simmons indeed 'assvertised' his show as we posted earlier by appearing with 25 models all weari

Assvertising reaches Italian behinds.

Kodak assvertises on booth babes bottoms in Kiev, Ukraine

Kodak used the derriere media placement during a photo convention in Kiev, Ukraine.
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