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Kellogg's Crunchy Nut - ‘Obsessed’ / The trouble is they taste too good (2023) :20 (USA)

The trouble is they taste too good: Kellogg and Leo Burnett reinvent Crunchy Nut’s infamous strapline as an irresistibly catchy jingle in a naughty ne

Bud Light - "Hold" / Miles Teller (2023) :60 (USA)

Miles Teller dances over to his wife who is stuck on hold with customer service and invites her up to dance to the hold music.

The Glitch – Wie fühlt sich Alzheimer an / How does Alzheimer's feel? (2022) 2:21 (Germany)

This video takes a moment, because it needs to create the atmosphere and a full understanding of what it's like living with Alzheimer's.

British Airways - "Reset" A British Original (2022) :20 (UK)

Uncommon Media has created 32 different short films, and 500 different billboards highlighting why we travel - we all have our reasons.

Newly Rebranded Hartz and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Launch Playful Campaign for Delectables

Newly Rebranded Petcare Leader Owns the Cat Lick in Catchy Campaign and Jingle

Spies - Dogcation Go on holiday with a clear conscience, while your doggo enjoys life at home / Danish sub (2022) 2:00 (Denmark)

Jan Vendelbo, Director at Spies has a dog himself and is a fan of this campaign that launched in June as it has attracted over 33.000 people to sign u

Prospera Credit Union :30 (2021) (Canada)

At Prospera Credit Union, Local Banking Means More

Les Petits Frères des Pauvres - The isolation of our seniors may one day be yours - (2021) France

This is a superbly told story - one day the old age isolation may be yours.

Procter & Gamble - Come Clean to close the Chore Gap (2021) :30 (USA)

P&G want you to share the chore load, and demonstrate how it's done.
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Skechers - The Romos / To the MAX! (2021) :30 (USA)

Tony Romo and his wife Candice like to max things out, which is why they like Skechers. 
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Citi – The List / Justin (2020) :60 (USA)

A couple are discussing names, "What about Austin?"

Timber Collaborates With Leo Burnett/Detroit On Buick Commercial Featuring Amazon’s Alexa

The visual effects & design team at Timber collaborated closely with agency creatives at Leo Burnett/Detroit over the summer on the recent Buick c

GEICO Insurance - Aunt Infestation (2020) :30 (USA)

This ads humorous tone feels a little inspired by recent Progressive ads weirdness, and very inspired by Alyssa Limperis' skits of her mother.

ŠKODA - Made for Ireland (2020) :30 (Ireland)

Whatever you're made of, there's a ŠKODA made for you. ŠKODA. Made for a New Ireland.

ŠKODA - Made for Ireland / Bride, Beach and Busy mom (2020) :30 (Ireland)

A bride waits impatiently for dad the get the car ready. An equestrian loads his horse into the trailer.

Lacoste - Crocodile Inside (2019) :45 (France)

Megaforce's epic odyssey to a fragmenting relationship.
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Wendy's "basic Mike" (2019) :30 (USA)

Poor basic Mike. He's about to get dumped for a Wendy's Made To Crave chicken sandwich.

Mazda "Drive Inspired" (2019) 1:05 (USA)

Coca-Cola inspires young Thais to express their feelings (2019) :60 (Thailand)

Ogilvy has launched the new summer campaign for Coca-Cola with a TV commercial which will bring a tear to even the hardest of eyes.

Cut+Run’s Sean Fazende Edits New Jared® “Dare To Be Devoted” Campaign

Jared® Jewelers embraces change with a bold campaign via agency McKinney that celebrates love and devotion in a world where people of all backgrounds

Dollar Shave Club - I gotta be me / Get Ready (2018) 3:40 (USA)

Dollar shave club shows us how we all get ready

SKYN - Save Intimacy (2018) :45 (France)

Dietz & Watson - 'The Hama Lisa' Feat. Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick (2018) :30 (USA)

Brooklyn Decker has created a masterpiece. It's the Mona Lisa, nay, the "Hama Lisa" of sandwiches!

Dietz & Watson - Game night / "It's a Family Thing" Andy Roddick & Brooklyn Decker (2018) :30 (USA)

"I love game night" exclaims Andy Roddick before Brooklyn Decker informs him that their friends have canceled, they couldn't get a sitt

Princess Cruises "Change" (2018) 1:33 (USA)

Clearblue® Connected Ovulation Test System: The day after the proposal (2017) :30 (USA)

Clearblue® Connected Ovulation Test System is the first and only test system to track two unique hormones and connect to your phone via Bluetooth® tec

Mentos "Planet Pure Fresh Gum" (2017) :15 (USA)

Look at this, Mentos is still bringing people together. After all this time. How nice.

Chase - 'Worth Waiting For' (2016) :30 (USA)

Inseparable since they were kids walking to school together, this couple plans with Chase.

Spies Travels - DO IT FOR MOM / Do it for Denmark 2 ( 2015) 2:30 (Denmark)

Following up on last years Do it for Denmark strategy, Spies travel wants you, once again, to go one vacation to have sex and make babies.

Tiffany & Co. - "Will you?"- (2015) :90 (USA)

Tiffany & Co received (or plain paid for) lots of social media accolades when they ran the "Will you" press ad featuring a handsome gay

Spies - Do It For Denmark! - (2014) 2:00 (DK)

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Manulife: "Brian and Betty" (2013) 3:40 (Canada)

Very lovingly shot documentary of an older couple who live in a spectacular home in Eastern Canada.

Häagen-Dazs Gelato - Argument - (2013) :30 (USA)

Is the new Häagen-Dazs Gelato Italian enough to please the Italians? When this couple stops arguing we might find out.

Pornhub's Rejected Super Bowl Commercial - 2013 (SFW)

Pornhub claims that this is their "rejected" super bowl commercial*.

Ikea: Luem Aeb/Forget to Keep Hidden (2012) :20 (Thailand)

Here's the Thai Ikea ad that made the Thai LGBT's hit list. And here's The Thai Transgender Alliance's, open letter to Ikea who
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Sunrun - Organically / Pickler guy - (2012) :30 (USA)

"So you just assumed I'm some weird pickler-guy" Nope, but I do need to have soy flax seeds explained to me. What is that?
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Fiat Palio - Boob Job / Best moments in life - (2012) Argentina

Excuse me Fiat?

Nike Free: I would run to you.

And hand you a toothbrush so you could scrape the saccharin off of your gums. - Klara Suicide (2011) (Czech Republic)

This is the latest cinema & web spot for, the Google competitor in search and directory services in Czech Republic.

Sealy - Afterglow - (2011)


Philips Nigel & Victoria - Apartment - part 1

Today, Philips launches ‘Nigel and Victoria’ a new online-only comedy show, or a non-romantic comedy because Nigel is failing miserably to score, and

Edited by Cut+Run, LG Presents: Young & Connected - "Love You" - (2010) :10 (USA)

The ‘Young and Connected’ is a brilliant and hilarious series of idents for C4.

FairPoint Communications - Love Your Bundle - (2009) :30 (USA)

The first spot for FairPoint Communications "Love Your Bundle" campaign.

FairPoint Communications - (2010) :30 (USA)

Look at all of those awards!

Green Dot - "Lover 1" - (2010) :30

Here's a twist on the disposable man in advertising... Open on a couple breaking up.... The woman however, knows how to recycle men!
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Sagami Rubber Industries / Condoms - Love Distance - (2009) 2:00 (Japan)

A man from Fukuoka, a woman from Tokyo, to prove their love, they ran to meet each other.

Dexia Bank - Oldtimer - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

Falling in love

Coca Cola - Birdman (2007) 0:60 (Argentina)

Klondike Bar - Highlights (2006) :15 (USA)

Lynx Dry - Sprinkler (2006) 0:40 (Argentina)

This guy sweats so much it's like a sprinkler!

Burger King - Stackerhead (2006) 0:60 (Canada)

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Walgreens - It's The Thought That Counts (2006) :30 (USA)

"Do you know what today is? Did you get me a present?"
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Dolce & Gabbana D&G - Watches/Kiss (2006) :30 (USA)

Sandals - A Moment Like This (2005) 0:30 (USA)

Beach in black and white
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Veet - Bladeless (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Sexy playtime "shaving" her legs.

Rolling Rock Green Light - After You (2004) 0:15 (USA)

MGD / Miller Genuine Draft - Break Up at the Bar (2004) 0:30 (USA)

"Don't do that, you're the King, and funny, nobody can take that away from you. I'm just into that cold-filtered thing."

Becks Light - Fewer Clothes (2004) 0:15 (USA)

Becks Light is perfect for anyone interested in: A) Fewer calories B) Fewer carbs C) Fewer clothes

Pepperidge Farms - Swirl (2003) 0:15 (USA)

McDonald's - Ninja Granny - VAR-2 (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

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Ricola - Street argument (2003) :15 (USA)

Classic Coffee - Punchline - (2003) 0:30 (Sweden)

Tired people are slow to get the punchline..... "...the mailbox. And on that it reads; "I saw you"

Cellular One - Tailgate - (2003) 0:30 (USA)

Trojans - Something's Missing (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Pringles - Where's Your Head At? (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Sealy - Nice Rug (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Home Depot - Going Shopping (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

"Honey, I'm going shopping"

McDonalds - Romeo and Juliet (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

VoiceStream - The Kiss (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Cotton - End of the Day (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Norelco - Bathroom (2001) - 0:15 (USA)

Army - Floorboards (2000) :40 (UK)

An older gentleman is in bed, reading and watching tv.


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