Pro Wildlife - "Any job is better than being a tourist attraction." Elephant, Tiger - print, Germany

Berlin, 4th May 2018: Wild animals take the jobs that humans don’t want in a twisted new print campaign by agency AvL/SE for nature conservation organ

World Wildlife Fund - Side by Side - (2011) :0:40 (UNITED STATES)

We wanted to share this breathtaking work for World Wildlife Fund.

AIGLE - Elephant and Crocodile / At home in nature (printad) 2011

BETC EURO RSCG has just released this ad for AIGLE, with the "embroidered" headline that reads "at home in nature.

Volkswagen- Elephant - (2009) :16 (UK)

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Snapple - Red Tea/Africa (2007) 0:30 (USA)

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Adidas a3 Gigaride - Frogs (2006) :15 (USA)

Chevy Aveo - Mighty Mouse - (2004) 0:15 (USA)

Jeep - Driveway Jungle (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Panadol Extra - Elephants (1997) :30 (UK)

Panadol is strong on pain, and gentle on you. 

Rolo - "Dumbo" Elephant story - (1995) 0:35 (Netherlands)

It's true what they say, be careful with that last Rolo....

Lucozade - "a day at the Zoo" (1970) :30 (UK)

1970 - Lucozade Zoo

Maidenform - I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform (1962) print (USA)

I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform bra. Scrolls... newest Maidenform bra ...
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