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Brits in a pandemic - There's something going around (2020) 3:00 (UK)

Anthony Rubinstein has directed this sort of digital scrapbook of life in lockdown 2020, accompanied by Syeshia Sweeney's words.

Jaffa Chronicles - Episode3: The Glory (2012)

The Jaffa Man goes in search of Jaffa Cake Virgins across the UK - and here he finally found, and converted, some.

Orange - Film to go / Popcorn - (2011) (UK)

The popcorn here is a bit like the Blob, except you can eat it!

McVitie's biscuits - English / "But...." - (2009) :50 (France)

Mocking the English like only the French can do.
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Tango - Swansea "balls" homage - (2006) :60 (UK)

Spoofing Sony Bravia, Tango has balls.

Bovril - Biker / Bad Day - (1992) :30 (UK)

The Bovril biker dude is having an exceptionally bad day, where everything and then some goes wrong.

Benson & Hedges Special Panatellas - Hat - (1974) :30 (UK)

A man shops for a hat because he doesn't want to get his cigar wet.
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