Fridays For Future (Greta Thunberg) unveils “We Don’t Care” for Global Climate Strike

To announce the next Global Climate Strike on March 25, Fridays for Future U.S.

Kodak Max - Little Brother (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

SWR television - Murder - (1999) 0:65 (Germany)

Carlsberg - Moving in / Idiot Neighbor "I heard that!" (1998) :30 (USA)

After moving in, he cracks open a few beers to toast his friends and says: "This is to all the great parties we're gonna have..." and t

VW Jetta GL - Room for 4 carbon based life forms (1997) :30 (USA)

"This is the latest video game we're developing. And this is our inspiration!"
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Lipton Original - Bo Jackson - Almost There (1994) :30 (USA)

Bo knows how to run upstairs.
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