Comhem - Web Hits / Viral homage / Youtube Hits by Judit & Judit - (2009) :45 (Sweden)

Judit & Judit the comhem girls who already nod to Snapple's Wanda, have created a homage to all those virals out there in this 45 spot to cel
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Konica Minolta - Milt (2009) :30 (USA)

This guy is having a bad day at the office
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New viral homage to old viral "Bad Day at the Office"

Remember that film which spread like wildfire across the net in 1998-1999 nicknamed "Bad Day at the Office", the clip that showed an angry o

Partnership for a drug Free America - Brain on heroin - (1997) :30 (USA)

A new variant of "Brain on drugs" where this young lady now explains how your brain is an egg on heroin.

Loronix Information Systems - Bad Day at the Office - (1995)

This clip was part of an advertising campaign for surveillance computers from Loronix Information Systems originally launched back in 1995.
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