Meta: The possibilities of the metaverse (2022) :60 (USA)

"The metaverse may be virtual, but the impact will be real. "

Lays - Vending Machine that makes chips from raw potato

"The Lay's machine which can be found in Buenos Aires supermarkets this fall, features an intricate system of tubes, flames and boiling wate

Diesel "Kick Ass" Sneaker of the future (2010) 1:49 (Argentina)

"an apparently normal kick in the ass"

Baby Carrots - Futuristic - (2010) :30 (USA)

Festis - the Chase - (2003) 0:45 (Sweden)

Festis have been selling their soft drink as if it were some top secret files since the late nineties - here it's a Bladerunner-style future wher

Foot Locker - Future Sport (1987) - 0:30 (USA)

Mystery future sport!

Canned Foods Information Council - Sexy Robot - Cans / Brilliance (1985) - 0:30 (USA)

Remember back in the day when the Canned Foods Information Council could run Superbowl ads?

MTV - Launch commercial (1981) :30 (USA)

Before the unforgettable tagline "I want my MTV", the channel enticed people with sneak previews of music videos.
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