Sécurité Routière - The Sunshine Highway - France anti speeding poster

The summer campaign version of Sécurité Routière’s All affected campaign, which shows the real effect of speeding, so many lives are affected by a sin

Boost Mobile - How to clean out the office d. Zombie apocalypse - (2013) (Australia)

Mary is the kind of girl you want on your side at the office. She will kick zombie ass to stay alive.

Boost Mobile - How to shop for groceries d. Zombie apocalypse - (2013) 3:30 (Australia)

Jen & Saffron go shopping.

Boost Mobile - Stay Living / How to get gas during the zombie apocalypse - (2013) (Australia)

"Get petrol for the generator", and that's how this crash course in how to get gas during the zombie apocalypse begins.

Boost Mobile - Stay Living / Zombie apocalypse - (2013) (Australia)

It's like an epic Zombie apocalypse movie trailer. Hey, have you noticed that zombies have taken over the role mimes used to have in Adland?

Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest - Hillbillies part 1 - (2011) Sweden

"Enough likes before Friday and we save him" reads the sign at the end.
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