Greenweez - "The Community" (2021) :60 (France)

This is so refreshingly hilarious!

Hooters - Vegan Dinner - (2012) :30 (USA)

Invited to a vegan dinner, man dislikes what he sees.

Boral - Hippie painted trucks (natural gas) , Ambient branding, Australia

Q: How do you let the punters know that your trucks now run on compressed natural gas, which emit less greenhouse gases? A: Hippie paint them all, of

Coca-Cola - Rivalries (2006) :45 (Argentina)

If there is one thing opposites can agree on, it's scoring in football and Coke.

Visa - Hippies (2005) 0:60 (Argentina)

Ford - Summer of Love (2005) :30 (UK)

'Groovy' Summer Of Love ad by Ogilvy & Mather for Ford
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Pepsi - Billboard part 2 / "First Time" (1992) :60 (USA)

How do you even begin to crash into a billboard that is in the middle of nowhere?

Afri Cola - Buschbaby / Marsha Hunt - (1972) - 0:30 (Germany)

Charles Wilp directed the film actress and singer Marsha Hunt, well known for her bold 60s afro.

Afri Cola (1970) - 0:30 (Germany)

Peter Max paints panty hose for Burlington-Cameo - print, 1970

Peter Max is a German-American artist known for using bright colours in his work.

Afri Cola - Nuns - (1968) - 0:30 (Germany)

Max Factor Cosmetics, Japan, 1968.

Snow Crop Orange Samoa - Love me in December - print, 1963

"Love me in December as you did in May."
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