Invisible Collective’s Nate Edwards Directs Spotify|Frequency Sunday Dinner: Texas docu-series episode

Nate Edwards, director with trailblazing production studio Invisible Collective, premiered a revelatory short film for Spotify’s Frequency Sunday Dinn

ATG v75 - What excitement feels like (2022) :90 (Sweden)

With a bit of magical realism, subtle sound design, and poetic images, this work aims to capture the excitement of betting on horses.

Kurukahveci Coffee "A Matter Of Choice" (2022)

"A Matter Of Choice"
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Miller Lite - Definitely Probably A Big Game Ad / Metaverse ad (2022) :60 (USA)

"Welcome to the first ever Big Game commercial aired in the Metaverse. It’s just like reality, but with worse graphics."

Quaker oats - Pregrain Before the Big Game (2022) :30 (USA)

A tongue-in-cheek nod to beer ads of yore, this ad has it all.

Hebrew Academy OC - Rabbis: They’re just like us (2021) :60 (USA)

They also try to carry in all their groceries in one trip... watch to the end... The Hebrew Academy, our dedication to teaching stands out...

Ramen Hero "Made in America. The Japanese way." (2020) 1:06 (USA)

East meets west meets spaghetti westerns meets humor in this spot.

PMU - Horse racing resumption / Horses on zoom call (2020) :30 (France)

While I am tired of the Zoom-call ads, this one is forgiven because the horsies are on a zoom-call.

PMU - “The Instinctive” - (2020) :30 (France)

The Instinctive prefers to listen to what happens at the points of sale.

PMU - The Expert - (2020) :30 (France)

"The Expert" knows everything and then some about all the details of the horses, the jockeys, and the track before she makes her bet. 

Doritos Cool Ranch - Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott (2020) :60 (USA)

This showdown at noon isn't your regular old boring gunfight. No sir.

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold - 6 for 6-Pack / Organic farmland (2020) :30 (USA)

Introducing 6 for 6-Pack. Pick up a 6-pack and Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold will help transition 6 square feet of farmland to organic.

ŠKODA - Made for Ireland / Bride, Beach and Busy mom (2020) :30 (Ireland)

A bride waits impatiently for dad the get the car ready. An equestrian loads his horse into the trailer.

Kia GT Family - Barrel Racers (2019) :49 (USA)

Set on a West Texas ranch, Kia puts all three performance-inspired models to the test through a “barrel race” with a twist.

Schweppes Energy - Horse head meme / a different kind of energy (2019) :40 (Israel)

Great Guns’ Tal Zagreba has directed a zany new campaign for Schweppes to launch its new energy drink.

PMU - The Calling (2019) :60 (France)

On April 26, the PMU unveiled its new brand platform through a large multi-media institutional campaign (TV, display, display and digital). The brand

2020 Kia Telluride - Give it everything (2019) 1:40 (USA)

This ad is about a small town, full of not famous people, who prefer to be known by what they build.

Bud Light - The Bud Knight (2018) :60 (USA)

Libresse - Blood - (2016) :90 (UK)

United For Tunisia - a hymn to peace & solidarity (2015)

The opening shots of blue bow windows in the traditional Tunisian architecture as the music swells sets the beauty shot standard in this ad.

Carhartt - Force shirt - (2014) :60 (USA)

This is the hardest working shirt ever.

Porsche 911 Rear Horsepower - Print billboard campaign by Fred & Farid Shanghai

911 REAR HORSEPOWER After 911 Away and 911 Anniversary, Fred & Farid Shanghai presents 911 Rear Horsepower.
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Three - The Pony #DancePonyDance - (2013) 1:10 (UK

Because the massive information power of tha interawbs has to be used for silly things as often as possible, 3, will deliver silly in the form of a da

Barcleys - You vs Unconditional love (2013) :(UK)

Guy Shelmerdine from Smuggler directed this demanding little brat, sorry - Bundle of Joy - for BBH shilling a rather clever savings account from Barcl

audioEngine|west & EB Lane Lasso a Winning Spot with Arizona Lottery

A strong working relationship grew stronger recently when the sound pros at audioEngine|west teamed up with longtime partners E.B.

Channel 4 / Nelonen - Entertainment is good for you - (2011) (Finland)

Finnish people are hard working and chasing achievements all the time, even in their spare time and on holiday.

Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - (2010) :30

Old Spice nails it, I will buy the lot. Wonder if the horse is included. I am nursing a very serious crush on this campaign...... I want to marry it!

Weetabix - Steeplechase - (2009) :90 (UK)

Racing Post "Yearling Bonus" - (2009) :60 (UK)

Capital One - Card Lab - Spaghetti Jimmy (2009) :30 (USA)

Agency: DDB Chicago

ATG, Swedish Horseracing - Join the game - (2008) :45 (Sweden)

Åkestam Holst invite all you crazy people out there to join the fun, with the help of Traktor they've shot these amazing horses playing a game of

ATG V75 - Statues (directors cut) - (2008) :45 (Sweden)

Ad agency: Åkestam Holst
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ATG - 32 Million Years in the Making (2007) 0:45 (Sweden)

Black Knight Licorice - Gone Soft (2006) 0:45 (New Zealand)

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Honda - Happy Honda Days - Barn (2005) 0:30 (USA)

At christmas he finds carolers in the barn, wishing you a happy Honda day.
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Venus Vibrance - Power and Passion (2005) 0:30 (USA)

Subaru - Horse Herd - (2004) 0:30 (Japan)

Snickers - Horse Cop Variant 2 (2004) 0:15 (USA)

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Busch - No Road Signs (2004) 0:30 (USA)

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Southwest - Boston (2004) 0:30 (USA)


Axe Dry – Horse Ride (Print Ad) / Pit (2004) (US)

BMW 7 series - Doll - (2003) 0:60 (Japan)


Soft & Dri - Cowgirls (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Another fine example of an ad "targeting women" that was very most likely created by guys.
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Levi's Type 1 Jeans - Horse (2003) - 0:60 (USA)

Train by HR Giger

Clydesdales bow gets respect.

Burger King - Western Whopper 2 (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Centraal Beheer / Even Apeldoorn bellen - Vinnie & the Horse (2003) :45 (The Netherlands)

Vinnie wants to impress a mob boss with a fantastic race horse, but it does not go as planned.

Heineken - Joke (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Snickers - Horse Cop Variant (2002) - 0:15 (USA)

VISA - Belmont Stakes (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Snickers - Horse Cop (2002) - 0:15 (USA)

Toyota Corolla - Morph (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Norfolk Southern - Horse (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Oldsmobile - New Beast (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Lexus - My Hands Speak (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Miller - Sleigh Ride (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Wrangler - Blair & Barry Burk - Pretty Tight (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

A father and son in the land where a brand is a white-hot hunk of metal.

Nomad - Thousand and one nights (1999) 0:60 (Belgium)

Oh my love.

K-Bank - Crank Call - (1999) - 0:35 (Norway)

The Independent - Don't read / Litany - (1999) :60 (UK)

Don't watch. Don’t rebel. Don’t do smack. Don’t sex. Don’t masturbate.

Dodge Dakota - Rocking Horse (1998) - 0:30 (USA)

Hamlet - Glow Worm / Luminous condom (1997) :50 (UK)

Leave the light off, I've got a surprise for you! 

Benetton - "Horses" (1996) printad (Italy)

This Benetton ad shows a black horse mounting a white one. Oliviero Toscani

Welcome to Marlboro ads

Or welcome to Welcome to sterotypicalvisual-land. These anti-smoking ads have the same visual. No smoke without fire as they say..

Busch Beer - "Head for the mountains"(1994) :30 (USA)

"There's no place on earth, where I'd rather be"

Nike - Bo Knows / Multiple Bo's feat. Sonny Bono (1991) :60 (USA)

Bo Jackson runs into multiple versions of himself, dressed for different sports.

Right Guard - Charles Barkley (1990) - 0:15 (USA)

Pontiac Transport - Excitement (1990) - 0:30 (USA)

Busch Beer "Head for the mountains" (1989) :30 (USA)

Head for the mountains of Busch ... Beer

Diet Pepsi - "The Right One" (1989) :60 (USA)

This ad is peak late eighties with all the stylish shots of everyone doing all sorts of things, like swimming, dancing, horseback riding, running alon

Michelob Dry - Dry Is... (1989) - 0:30 (USA)

Zingo - Mexico / Anyone want any Zingo? (1988) (Sweden)

Zingo ads were basically a jingle that begins playing after the initial call "Anyone want any Zingo?"

Budweiser - Horse Trainer (1986) - 0:60 (USA)

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Folgers - Anthony’s (1986):30 (USA)


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