Fanta Colorful People (2021) :60 (Argentina)

Fanta celebrates all the colorful people, who are colorful. Who laugh out loud. Who decorates their cabs like a room. Who drink colorful. 

Hallmark - Library - Michael Bublé "crush on you" (2006)

Lady in the library messes up when attempting to flirt, or did she?

Hallmark Cards - Dance Card (1991) 2:00 (USA)

A group of young boys in the school library are asking each other who they will ask to the dance, and how.

Pepsi - Michael J Fox - Library / Copy machine (1987) :60 (USA)

Michael J. Fox is studying the power of suggestion in a library where everyone keeps hushing him to be quiet.

Burger King Make it special - High School days (1980) :30 (USA)

"High school days come only once, have some good times by the bunch."
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