Social Democrats - "Our Sweden can do better" election film / Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Vårt Sverige kan bättre – Rösta på Socialdemokraterna

Danske Bank's "New Normal" provokes punters by using Occupy imagery

Den Danske Bank has a new campaign out where they can slap their label "The new normal" on practically any controversial staged news image s

Nando's - MP's irresponsible spending (2009) :30 (South Africa)

Nando's poke fun at shameless ministerial gravy train

Panadol - "Bushes" / one is enough

One is enough.
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First Presidential topical ad ran this morning - "Duobaan?"

The first topical ad using the stand still in the U.S.

One America - Bill Clinton (1998) - 0:30 (USA)

Olympus Camera "They obviously felt like shooting each other" press ad 1981 UK

Labor party rivals Tony Benn and Denis Healey taking pictures of each other
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