Gröna Lund cancels "also for cowards" advertising campaign with Joel Kinnaman after deadly accident.

Gröna Lund has decided to halt its advertising campaign for the theme park.
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Surreal cereal teases the UK with fake sports celebrity endorsement poster campaign

"We're Dwayne Johnson's favourite cereal"

Uncommon media creates a very ambitious campaign where no two ads are the same for British Airways.

A year after Uncommon Creative Studio won the advertising account, battling against WPP in the end, they release the new British Airways campaign that

The city of Haarlem banned meat ads, ad agency Fitzroy and client La Vie posted unbannable ad campaign in response

Fitzroy created this timely campaign for La Vie

Sweden Democrats covered a train with ads - and were reported for "inciting hatred against ethnic groups"

Sweden Democrats don't generally do well when they advertise in the subway-underground-metro system of Stockholm.

New Billboard in Moscow shows Pippi Longstocking and Moomin as puppets to the USA

DON'T BE TOYS IN ANOTHER HANDS! All this will end with stupid fun on a pile of garbage, noise and uproar, as it has been all my life ...

Many Pets insurance releases fluffy campaign based on hard facts.

There are many health benefits that come from owning a pet.

Sherpa, Barcelona : "Homeless people are invisible until you stop looking the other way" Solution: Make them look.

#Visible is the Arrels Fundació campaign, consisting of 13 pieces of urban art, where the homeless people have been given visibility and citizens have
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The Swedish poster in Moscow vandalized - with Swedish apology

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Poster in Moscow shows famous Swedes with the headline "We are against Nazism, but they are not"

Some people in Russia are clearly not happy with recent Swedish political statements.

Vestiaire Collective - Long Live Fashion - puppets, print (2022)

Oh, how fun!

Asylum agency in Sweden runs targeted campaign at the Russian embassy in Stockholm

The asylum agency offers support to all employees at the embassy who want to drop out and seek asylum with this new poster campaign, written in Russia

Gillingham Brewing Company - Brewmaster / Water / Beer - print, Canada

"What do you do when you lose a CD to start their own brewery?

Leo Burnett Milan and Mc Donalds : Mc Graduation #Graduation2020

Graduation2020 is different from previous years. While cramming for your high school exams is constant, this year wan't like the others.

Göteborg Energi : Lets keep it together campaign - OOH, Sweden

"The climate is changing, so should we"

"Work from home" Propaganda posters

Graeme Noseworthy has been creating updated propaganda posters for us in the trenches now working from home.

Brämhults - "Reclaim February" abri bus poster (2020)

Did you know that in Sweden, sick-leave is the highest in February? Every year. Every single year. You'd think we'd learn, but nope.

Tesco relaunches dark skin tone band-aids with a bloody double entendre

"It's about bloody time" reads the cheeky headline.

Hyundai - Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram (2020) print (Peru)

The most recent campaign for Hyundai from Youpanqui BBDO, Lima, Perú

Code cracking recruitment subway ad campaign gets over 800 applicants for job

We've seen this tactic before, and it works.

Drink and Bike! – Carlsberg Sweden targets road cyclists in latest ad campaign

Because boozy bikers is all we need. :)
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4th october 1983, Sweden's at that point largest demonstration ever against "löntagarfonder"

The ad posters that mobilised 75,000 Swedes against wage earners’ funds in 1983

It has now been 36 years since the first massive demonstration against "Löntagarfonder" took place the very same day as the Swedish Parliam

Coke ribbon campaign points out recycling bins, Italy

There is a new twist to the "coke hand ribbons" idea, this time it's Coke telling you to bloody recycle that can already.

Volkswagen Argentina - Total Mess, print (2019)

Volkswagen Argentina wanted to bring forward all the technological features that the brand and its models are offering.

Volkswagen Argentina - Blood Alcohol Content - print (2019)

Volkswagen Argentina wanted to address to those who think driving after a few drinks isn´t such a bad idea, but they didn´t want to do the typical cam

McDelivery announced in Italy with this simple graphic idea

Leo Burnett, Italy, has come up with this incredibly simple idea announcing McDonald's delivery.

Coca Cola & Ogilvy Kenya tease upcoming "Coke Coffee" with this Dynamic Ribbon bean

Coke Coffee teaser poster from Kenya, Kenya will be one of the first markets in the world to pre-launch Coke Coffee.

IKEA wants you to enjoy the summer while you can

IKEA applauds the GDPR in a contextual print ad

If you've been living under a rock and suddenly wondering why you're getting an email from everything website you ever signed up for detaili

Mental Health is Health. CAMH launched new brand platform to drive social change

oronto, Ontario (May 11th, 2018) The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has launched a powerful new campaign to rally Canadians around its

TreePex "#MerryTreesmas" (2017) 1:50 (Georgia)


Ritz-Carlton "Cleveland" (2017) :30 (USA)

Team One has created an integrated campaign that uses illustrations of local attractions to relaunch The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland, that will run on soc

the Creative Alliance "Undivided" (2017) :15 (USA)


The Working Assembly spruces up Bombfell's look

Eat up all the Philharmonie de Paris has to offer

Xerox and Y&R want to Set The Page Free

Vibe wants you to come to Israel. With your dog.

Humboldt Redwood is the obvious choice

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Union Wine: Big flavor in little moments

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EYRI mattress partners with real divorce lawyer

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The Legacy Lab honors visionaries

Chiltern Railways has some really big deals

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COP21 - Brandalism do a Paris ad takeover

Brandalism have taken over poster sites all over Paris this week, with cheeky sarcastic and surreal ads critiquing the corporate sponsors of the UN su

ASA clears "masturbator" Paddy Power ad

Un-banned ad of the week, this ad depicting Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage caught in the middle of... eh..

WildWash shampoo for dogs

Oreo takes the Daily Twist to Ireland

Draft FCB has taken its award-winning campaign "Daily Twist," to Ireland, specifically Dublin.

Pepsi rape underground posters are for "Bape" Aape brand, not rape.

In between holding his sides, laughing and wheezing, our adgrunt tipster tells us that he spotted this Pepsi & Aaape, a sub brand of Bape (A Bathi

Liseberg amusement park's ad campaign offends Greece

Off-Center - Drag Machine - Pipes postes (2012)

A rather un-subtle way to advertise drag queen night, with the pipe hanging out. 

Badland looks at nose trimmers, Panasonic vs Tondeo

Whether you've seen the Indonesian predecessor or not, you know the rule.

Coke creates iconic "hands" image as a new twist on classic ribbon, Hong Kong

Jonathan Mak Long created a tribute to Steve Jobs that went viral, which landed him the gig of creating another iconic image for Cooke.

PPC Cement - Brick - print, South Africa

Kelly Brook nude billboard airbrushed while Kelly speaks out against airbrushing

Rebook has ripped a page out of PETA's marketing handbook and flaunt a nude Kelly Brook on a billboard, well nude apart from the sneakers.
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Panadol Efervescent - The Efervescent Transit Shelter: 2010 (Ogilvy Peru)

Insights, Strategy and the Idea We created a pallette different from the others, with a system that allowed the public to interact and see clearly t

Aswin Rat Glue - Rat / Stick -Print Thailand

It took a minute or two to get this ad...but if you look you'll see the legs (where I'm guessing the rat got trapped, maybe?) are reversed.

Panasonic - Safety Nose Hair trimmer - Borat / Baldy / Fatty (2009) print, Indonesia

"With thousands of sensory nerve fibers in the nostrils, trimming nose hair can be as risky as cutting live wires...."

SBS Ashes - England invented cricket, we're just better at it. Ambient, Australia

A fleet of mobile billboard trucks are currently driving around Sydney with these cocky messages.

McDonald's - Try this / Real Good / Not my hamburger - outdoor, France

The old idea and often-recycled idea of recycling old ads to show that you're recycling done once again, this time by TBWA Paris.

Svenska Spels JätteTriss oversized billboard a flop.

Karlssons Klister (UHU) poster campaign in Stockholm fails.

There were quite a few interesting Karlssons Klister outdoor executions in Stockholm this week - sadly the best one (possibly) was taken down before I
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Finagle a Finnegans. They're finntastic.

Finnegans Irish Amber backlit sign seen at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.

Wonderbra ad special for Pancake day

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, and International Pancake Day for a lot of people, even though only 27% of households in Britain planned to

Balloon animals and other condoms badlander


Saddest Logo Change of 2007 - The castrated Lion "ad omnia paratus"

Some might say that a castrated lion is the perfect symbol for European defence policy - and the Times online claims some unidentified US blogger did

Coke was "it"

This poster was released in the mid 80s and prompted a total recall of all posters because of the picture painted in ice-cubes at bottom right corner

Lavazza gets pin-up ad banned in Sweden


HUMO - Mixing Cultures Osama bin Laden Cowboy / Hitler rastafarian / Mao Jazz / W Bush Bollywood (2006) Posters (Belgium)

Our friends at mortierbrigade in Belgium sent in this poster campaign. "An ad campaign made for the Belgian weekly magazine HUMO.

Elections in Sweden - the ad campaigns

In Stockholm these past weeks almost all poster sites have been carrying political ads instead of regular ads - today the swedes are voting and tonigh
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Nike Rooney Ad Causes Uproar

Christina Aguilera's naughty nurse ad canned


Both of these ads really suck.

They do - literally, even if they are both award winners and quite good. One won a gold in this years Cannes Festival for Outdoor.


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