The UNLESS Biodegradable Hoodie - Born to Die (2022) :60 (USA)

Portland-based branding/design firm INDUSTRY has worked with some of the biggest names in Gen-Z/Millenial-targeted fashion, including Nike, Converse,

Wearable Grapes - the designer bag of leftover grape skins

Unwasted is a collaboration overarching the wine and fashion industries to turn two cons into a pro.

IKEA - CIRKULÄR - (2022) case study (Denmark)

In IKEA Cirkulär you will find products that deserve another chance. They may have had an owner before.

Quirky upcycled propaganda posters from Engine tell Londoners to stay home

So many campaigns have been launched to encourage people to stay home during lockdown, and like the upcycled propaganda posters w

KPA - Sluta Snacka / Do something - (2007) :30 (Sweden)

Stop talking!
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