Banned ad of the week: American Apparel sell pants by showing tits and sweater by showing ass

The ASA calls the above campaign amateurish and we noted that the majority of clothing items featured in the ads were outer garments, and considered t

Tom Ford Perfume For Men - sold by hot wet naked women.

No strangers to controversy Tom Ford decided to launch his new scent by placing the perfume bottles on the shaven genitals of very naked models.
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PETA's Naked State of the Union

The folks at PETA have created a naked version of the State of the Union Address.
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Dolce & Gabbana introduce the new male cleavage -

The Malcontent shows off the new Dolce ad exclaiming Sweet!.
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What's in a name? Case# 2,351: Ikea's Gutvik Bunk Bed

In Sweden, Gutvik is a teeny village or Ikea bunk bed. In Germany, Gutvik is something significantly different.

Miller Lite - Maxim Lite (2003) Print Ad (US)


Reebok - Terry Tate - Office Linebacker (2003) - 0:60 (USA)

"Felcher" Hoo-boy.

Gucci's hairy ad

Gucci marks the spot with a G in their latest press campaign, model Carmen Kass* is pictured pulling down her knickers and showing off body hair shave

Do cocktail weenies sell perfume?

Gals, this one's for you. And guys, cover your eyes.

Naked Sophie scores even more free PR.

The now infamous Sophie Dahl Opium ad has become the most offensive ad of 2000. It'll go down in history kids!

Love's Baby Soft - Innocence is sexy - (1975) :30 (USA)

Love's baby soft which promises your skin will be as soft as a baby's bottom, and that is sexy while a young model licks a lollipop with a n
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