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Stella Artois Unfiltered - ‘beer au naturel’ outdoor mural (2023) OOH (UK)

Last year, Stella Artois did a print campaign showing "Beer, au naturel." The concept was set in a French town where everyone was as natural

Arrels Fundació #VISIBLE Case Study / Making the invisible homeless visible - (2022) 2:00 (Spain)

Remember when Sherpa, Barcelona, made the invisible homeless people very visible? 

Sherpa, Barcelona : "Homeless people are invisible until you stop looking the other way" Solution: Make them look.

#Visible is the Arrels Fundació campaign, consisting of 13 pieces of urban art, where the homeless people have been given visibility and citizens have
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Banksy who once claimed "copyright is for losers" sued an Italian museum for copyright infringement

Banksy fans are a lot like fans of Donald Trump.

STENOGRAFFIA FESTIAL: Cutting out of reality the Russian agency Streetart

The Russian agency Streetart, the organizer of the festival of street art Stenograpffia.

A street art style protest against a wave of cyber segregation in Russia (ambient) (2017)

Wave of cyber segregation in Ekaterinburg

Sabo "moving sale" parody billboards taunt anti-Trump celebrities

We had the pleasure of chatting with SABO about his street art; "Search and Destroy - the art of SABO, so we were expecting high level sarcasm an

Street artists sue celebrity Church "Vous" for copyright infringement

In Miami, eight street artists who donated their talent to paint striking murals at Jose de Diego, a struggling middle school in Wynwood, have filed s

COP21 - Brandalism do a Paris ad takeover

Brandalism have taken over poster sites all over Paris this week, with cheeky sarcastic and surreal ads critiquing the corporate sponsors of the UN su

FAD "Create" (2015) 1:06 (Spain)

Create whatever you want, but create something because the more you create the less room there is for drugs.

7up, took over a London bus with an urban knitting campaign #feelsgoodtobeyou

You may have seen it all over twitter already, the knit-bombed London bus. A stark contrast to this seasons grey skies.

7up - Urban Knitter #Feelsgoodtobeyou - (2014) :30 (USA)

“Urban Knitter,” Magda Sayeg transforms a run-down square in Santiago, Chile with colourful knitted patterns because it's good to be your own qui

7up - #feelsgoodtobeyou yarn bombed London bus - (2014) 2:00 (UK)

7up® flew Magda Sayeg, the urban knitting queen, to do some yarn bombing in London. She completely transforms a London double-decker bus.

Miami street artist sues American Eagle for infringement.

If you're a fan of street art and/or a Miami resident, you are no doubt familiar with AholSNiffsGlue's work. And if you're a greedy ap

9/11 Forward. Together. - street art

A group of Miami ad school students made this street art vandalizing tour (I'm not judging, I did it too when I was a student in the 90s), and a

Adland's anti-slacktivism trend "liking won't help" - times three!

"Liking isn't helping" is the headline in the Gold Lion winning Singaporian ad campaign for

McDonald's Chalkboard Menu - Changes twice a day - (2013) Poland

McD hired Stefan Szwed-Stronzynski to change the chalk billboard twice daily.
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Man-Eater - Game on tram / self-promo (2012)

Daniel Disselkoen lets us know how this little game, and film came about.

Levi’s Berlin Murals for "Go Forth"

Berliner Pioneers Immortalized locally by artist Vhils to celebrate "Go Forth" : To honour the campaign, Levi’s® and W+K Amsterdam collabora

Hot Wheels - Secret Race Battle - beamvertising (2011)

Monster fights on a building down in Oz.

Dulux Valentine - Let's Color Project - Walls are Dancing (2010)

Here's the official clip (or wait, let me try this in French: Le clip officiel - weee!

Let's Colour Project - Walls are dancing - making of

Dulux Valentine and BETC Euro RSCG Paris brought together graffiti artist Matt W Moore, directing collective Le Groupuscule and techno artists Monsieu
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Lab Nutrition - Hit a Billboard: 2010 (Peru)

street artists.

Art For Ransom (2009) :(USA)

How the street Picasso does it


San Fran folks miffed at Sony graffiti advertising


Is non-traditional media going mainstream?

From streakers to tattoos to crop circles, it seems in recent years there's been a big increase in using what was once considered non-mainstream

How About A Nice Brown Shirt With Those Chinos. (Hoax)

No stranger to getting under the skins of the decency police, Abercrombie & Fitch might once again be in hot water thanks to a new poster campaign

Nissan's "Urban" Fakeout

Who's writing graphitti all over Nissan's billboards? Why it's Nissan, of course!

Nike - "The Wall" (1994) :40 (The Netherlands)

Giants, both literally and figuratively, play football across the world and on buildings.

Nike - The Wall (1994) :50 (Netherlands)

This reminds me of when athletes played tennis between the pages of magazines in a newsstand., it's an entertaining visual to watch something lik
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