underwater billboard

Ivar's Undersea billboard was a hoax - but a good one.

The Denver Egotist reports on the undersea billboards hoax, a stunt pulled by Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant in Seattle has veered off the storytelling map

Fish Franke -Living Poster - ambient (Germany)

Making a splash for Fisch Franke's fresh food, Publicis Frankfurt built a whole poster to prove how fresh the fish are.

VING - Red Sea travel undewater billboard - ambient, Sweden

In order to attract attention from the target group of divers, we sunk a traditional poster billboard into the sea at the popular diving spot Björkvik

Ving Resor - Underwater billboard - (2007) :30 (Sweden)

Billboard placed under water at the popular diving spot Björkviks brygga in Stockholm archipelago to attract divers to the idea of travelling with Vin
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