Volkswagen Canada Powers Down For Earth Day

Websites play a crucial role in the automotive purchase journey, but our combined online activity—from web visits, to search activity, to video strea

Lost Eden wine is inviting you to a six-hour feast.

The country wants you to celebrate and be merry with its new wine brand.
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Winona responds to Squarespace's superbowl ad with their own campaign website: welcome to the rest of Winona

Winona Ryder stars in the "Winona in Winona" Superbowl commercial for Squarespace because she has made a website with photos of Winona.

MM&MM - "The World's Biggest Agency" Party Invite

MM&MM - The World's Biggest Agency - Website

Tribal DDB Israel first ad agency website on instagram, while Holler already claimed pinterest

Whenever something gets "hot" in these here intarwebs, ad agencies act either like deers caught in headlights or settlers racing to claim la

True Blood - Home scene (Web)

Createad by HelloHikimori

Grey Stockholm moves their entire site to Facebook

On Tuesday this week, underwent a transformation, now there's simply a link to there.

Lets (not) rap with Ciclóne

On the website, there's a helpful 1950's style radio-voice that will give you words that rhyme with Ciclóne, so that you can d

Link Lust: Modernista! siteless site and moustaches


Webby's Peoples Voice Awards

Okay, I'll admit that I have a personal interest in this posting, as one of the blogs i'm involved in is up for a webby and therefore eligib

Inquiry Regarding Potential Sale of Adland Website

It's so nice to be chatted up, dontchathink? It feels so web 2.0 when people ask us if we'll sell.

MoveOn does the subservient chicken dance

Subserviant president created by does just what the subservient chicken did, that is anything you tell it to. Almost.
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AdCritic Critically Wounded

Apparently, all the advertising and traffic in the world still won't keep a website alive these days.

Interesting "half-baked" ideas at half-bakery

The halfbaked idea has a shrine all it's own on the web - namely the
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