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I was in This commercial in 2004
I won a hummer at a Dealership took it home
3 months later

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I was in the hot Button
Commercial, I went to
A Hummer Dealership
Pushed Hot Button onstar And won

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Zwier was mijn raadgever, unofficially in everything as I could always ask his advise.

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No, I did not. The sixty-second version is here. The site search is the best way to find things here.

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You forgot the long version of this commercial

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That Candy King vape logo is such direct copy of sour patch kids I'm surprised they haven't been sued.

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If the artwork is about her own agency as an artist then why not depict the female model as the 'aggressor' as the huntress? Surely with all the rhetoric that is going around about migration and identity politics people cannot be THAT obtuse as to claim that this is not plain sensationalism... As a person of colour, I am tired of such lazy and tone deaf arguments made as if every person that is going to view that image is going to interpret it the same way.

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the message is so clear, I'm shocked how people don't want to read it the right way.
I mean, if you feel disturbed or not sure at least google or search for the hashtag OMG is not so difficult.
"The regulation of female sexuality lies at the core of all patriarchal politics. Regardless of whether we are discussing the wearing of burkas, banning abortion or the demonization of female pleasure.
It ends now. No means no.
I will not allow my body to be exploited for any political agenda.
I am the mistress of my pleasure. I will do with my body as I please, where I please and with whomever I please.
I love my Slovenian boyfriend, whether he is black, yellow, white, red or all the colors of the rainbow."

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> this part of the world, Devil is Black

I appreciate the insight of how visual cues are interpreted in the local context, so thank you for that as art is obviously not performed in a vacuum.

I only wish the comment thread would be a little less, shall we say, rude. But that is to be expected with open comments.

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If I hear that "dreams" cover again I might stab my own eardrums out.