Viral BMW spot


That's what you think when you see this viral ad of a runner jogging through the woods. If you want to know why just have a look here (QT mpeg).

The provocative commercial plays with a shock effect to promote the principle of BMW tires that never stop you from going on, even in the case of a flat. The claim says "Continues where others stop" and exactly that's what you see in the commercial. It seems to be for Germany only as the copy is in German. No wonder. Germany is BMW land.

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Dabitch's picture

GOD that made me cringe so bad. I've seen someone actually do that though - albeit without continuing to run. ;) Foot in a cast for, gosh can't remember how long.

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Ouch OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch ....Ouch!
Thanks for the link jkoepke.

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damn that gets your attention, could make for a good series of shock value ads. Is that the only one? or are more to come?