The Young Guns vs The Old Ones

suture says: Here's a game where you play the five independent agencies and go against the biggest holding companies in advertising.

Dabitch notes: It's a bit like old streetfighter archade games except you toss WOM-campagns and web-pages at the boring old farts that are your opponents. Mildly amusing. Try TV, it sets them on fire! Looks like truthdaredoubledare have created this piece.

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aiiobo's picture

Am I supposed to be able to kill my own team?

Dabitch's picture

Weird.. I tried to do that too and it looks like I did indeed kill my own team. wtf?

suddenwaffle's picture

So these are supposed to be the 'best' independent agencies or something? Really? Strange bedfellows.

caffeinegoddess's picture

What's even a bit more odd about that is, it's coming from truthdaredoubledare and yet there's no mention of them in the game....that i saw at least. Unless those non-network agencies are their clients. Kinda confusing in that regard. Although as "just something fun" I guess it's alright then.

Dabitch's picture

I think that they just wanna show that they can make purdy games. :) While gently teasing other agencies.

Did y'all see that one can buy ad-space in the poster in that game? I asked how much - haven't heard back yet. Maybe I should ask louder. How much, mate?. :D

suture's picture

dabitch, send me an email. i'll give you a good deal on a poster :)

Dabitch's picture

brainsync, I already did.