Adidas - Impossible Is Nothing - ‘I’mPossible’ (2022) :30 (USA)

Vicky Free, head of global marketing at Adidas says that she hopes  ”to unite a strong, diverse and powerful community of women athletes who are changing the game” with this ad, and continues:  ”This is our call to action to all the women out there to keep making the impossible possible every day. Adidas can only continue to be their ally, committed to serving them through innovation in our products, partnerships, and across all dimensions of sport.”

But Vicky Free may have bitten off a little more than Adidas can chew here, as the copy of the ad states: ”It’s impossible. To take hold of the world’s spotlight overnight. Create your own uniform. Be a cover model. A powerful athlete. Or compete as a trans woman. Impossible? No. I’mPossible.”

The brand ambassadors seen are volleyball player Tifanny Abreu, the first trans woman to play in the Brazilian Women's Volleyball. Model and Squid Game actor HoYeon Jung. Sudanese-British basketballer Asma Elbadawi, who succeeded in convincing the International Basketball Association to remove a ban on hijabs and religious headwear in the professional sport. British model Ellie Goldstein, who has Down syndrome and is studying performing arts for a performing career. And last but not least, yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley, who is also an author, entrepreneur, and body positivity advocate.

It is the perfect cast for diversity and inclusion while being right on the edge of hip (everyone watched Squid Game, admit it). The problem this will run into, I predict, is that currently there is a firestorm regarding transgender women in sport as #PennCheats and #SavewomensSport trends on Twitter as controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas wins at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta.
Women from all over the country and world are there, protesting and reporting on the situation, as Lia's top position at the NCAA swim championships comes at the cost of a woman's chance at the finals. It is not a small, fringe, group that is upset by this, but many people and I believe the Adidas ad will only stir the fire, particularly since this ad is, as Vicky Free said, Adidas ”call to action.” It may not be the action Ms Free was hoping for due to the timing. 

Client: Adidas

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It's impossible for Adidas to understand that women's sports exist for a reason. It's possible that for women, buying anything Adidas ever again is now "IMPOSSIBLE"!

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Nothing is impossible when you gaslight the entire world and threaten people’s livelihoods for not complying in your fantasy. This isn't diverse and inclusive, this actively harmful to women.

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So I take it there is literally no difference between Adidas men and women's shoes then?

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I get it, It takes balls to be a top female athlete. Someone should tell Vicky that she' can't survive off the Slavs forever, particularly not now that Ukraine is at war.

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What is impossible is to support a sportswear company that supports men competing against women. I will never support Adidas. If Adidas truly supported women they’d understand the harm trans women are doing in women’s athletics.

The bra ad without only nude breasts was tasteless, but this is harmful.

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Why is the smoking hot nearly six foot tall Korean model even in this group?

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First they refuse to sell to Russians, who wear adidas all day long, and now they are participating in ruining women's sport - which will kill off half of their sales. What genius is running adidas?

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Since the comments here are taking off, I'll tip you to check out womensliberationfront, who are working for women in this matter. During the past two weeks, WoLF focused on two “Save Women’s Sports” bills in South Carolina. Read more on their website and consider donating to help

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While I applaud Adidas for recognizing accomplishments by women with Down Syndrome, I cannot agree with their gender ideology message.