Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten Escalator ads in the past ten years.

Another countdown to 2010, lets look at how creative escalator advertising has become in the past ten years, shall we? From worst to best, here's the top ten (well, eleven actually), escalator ads in the past ten years.

#1 The Nivea shaving ad [video] from DRAFTFCB switzerland uses the time spent on the escalator to make people read, and wait, for the point. Meanwhile the Revita beauty center ad from Brazil has people walking on the models back. Both of these are.... nice but no cigar, as the first one feels a bit too forced hoping people will read all that, and the second one just weird as I doubt anyone thinks "ah, how relaxing" when walking one someones back.

#2 Pantene Untangled this setup from Lem, Shanghai, China uses the space between the esclators to show off shiny perfect hair.

#3 Juice Salon in India had a man change his hairdo with every step of the escalator, check out the video in the post. Nobody wanted to step on the poor lads face. From Rediffusion DY&R, India.

#4 Stabilo giant highlighter, we've seen the giant pens before, but this one from Grey, Hong Kong makes it look like it's painting a yellow line on the steps that never end.

#5 HP photosmart is the printer that keeps printing.. and printing... , at least that's message from Publicis Graffiti, Argentina making it looks like the steps are printed by the printer.

#6 Pizza Kingdom and the really stringy cheese. How stringy is that cheese? So stringy it's all over the escalator. JWT, Beijing, China

#7 Consol Energy - On Switch - America would have 50% less electricity if our coal miners didn't make this trip every day. states this rather serious ad from Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA which uses the sticker at the end to make you feel like you're going down a mine. Clever.

#8 Duracell keeps going and going, Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia made me laugh with this simple sticker.

#9 Hopa Hari Amusment Park from QG Propaganda, Brazil. This could work for any amusement park, bonus if you hear people screaming "weee" as you see it.

#10 Volkswagen Fun Theory, DDB Stockholm, Sweden. Part of a larger campaign, and not the first piano stairs by any means, also designed to keep people off the escalator, but what fun it must have been to take the stairs instead.

That was fun. Keep 'em coming folks.
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    Except for the whole creepiness factor of having to step on people while ascending floors these are real clever. Good work.