AdVent - best horrible line wins!

We've all been there, when your client or boss says something incredibly stupid in he heat of the moment.
Lines like "What's the latest I can approve this and still have it ASAP?". Classics like "Perfect! See changes." and such - well Jim from and myself want you to AdVent!
Tell us the stupidest lines you've ever heard, and get a chance to win a 20pack from Jewelboxing, the professional-grade, short-run DVD/CD packaging system.

Best two stupidest lines win a 20pack from Jewelboxing- so you can make a great looking send-off portfolio or reel and get the heck out of that agency. ;)

The best (of the worst!) two lines will be judged by Jim Coudal and Myself on the 9th of Feb - That's Monday in two weeks folks. Get your advent on and tell us what the stupidest thing you ever heard was. To participate, simply leave a comment with the lines. I'll email the chosen two, make you sure to check your mail on Monday the 9th.

Everyone wins, as everyone who enters will receive something!

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Love the $5,000 comments, too!
One of our AE's was told by a client she didn't want to put her ad on the airline TV programming because the last time she flew she didn't like the way the chicken was cooked that she was served!

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Newly hired Agency president makes his first public appearance at the agency's summer party. Two guys from accounting are trying to make nice. The two number crunchers are wearing button-down shirts and ties, and the head honcho was wearing a tie-dye t-shirt. They are all pretty drunk.

Bean counter # 1: Hi! Very nice to meet you Mr. ****
Head honcho: I like your tie. I used to wear something like that back in the fuckin' '70's!
Bean counter # 2: Ha-ha! That's pretty funny Mr. ****
Head honcho: Fuck you! Yours isn't any better!

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Associate Creative Director finishes presenting his layouts.

Account Planner (drunk, high or both) offers his opinion: You know what? You're nothing but a dumb fuckin' chink!

The Account Planner never apologized for his statement and he was never "truly" reprimanded.

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"But we already have an African-American."

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This thread makes me laugh, then cry, then cry with laughter. Is it the most commented post ever?

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Yep, it holds the current record with seventyfour, er.. seventysix comments.

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Officially the thread that never dies, I gather.