AI can create realistic images of anything you can think up.

Ask for “a living room filled with sand, sand on the floor, piano in the room,” and ye shall receive it.

The New York Times reports on DALL-E, the image generating AI named as a nod to both WALL-E and Salvador Dalí : Meet DALL-E, the A.I. That Draws Anything at Your Command

A team of seven researchers spent two years developing the technology, which OpenAI plans to eventually offer as a tool for people like graphic artists, providing new shortcuts and new ideas as they create and edit digital images. Computer programmers already use Copilot, a tool based on similar technology from OpenAI, to generate snippets of software code.

DALL-E generated this image from a command for “cats playing chess.”Credit...

Now, researchers are combining those technologies to create new forms of A.I. DALL-E is a notable step forward because it juggles both language and images and, in some cases, grasps the relationship between the two.

“We can now use multiple, intersecting streams of information to create better and better technology,” said Oren Etzioni, chief executive of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an artificial intelligence lab in Seattle.

The technology is not perfect. When Mr. Nichol asked DALL-E to “put the Eiffel Tower on the moon,” it did not quite grasp the idea. It put the moon in the sky above the tower. When he asked for “a living room filled with sand,” it produced a scene that looked more like a construction site than a living room.

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