Alternative for Sweden (AfS) - A call for help to the American people - 1:20 (Sweden)

This ad has taught me something, it's perfectly legal for citizens of other countries to donate to a political party in Sweden. I had no idea!

The political party here is a new one, called "Alternative for Sweden" (Alternativ för Sverige, shortened AfS). Their main promise is to revert the wave of immigration that has come to Sweden with something they call "re-migration". In this ad they show nostalgic images of Sweden from the past, with a dramatic voiceover stating that Sweden is collapsing now. The VO has such a strong Swedish accent, it's more like "Sväden is kållapsing". Sorry, but I find the Swedish accent hilarious. 
"We need your help, America" the voiceover continues "with the election of Donald Trump, you have proven that the silent majority can change the course of a nation. You have shown that the voice of the people matters, that it's possible to win against the corrupt establishment." 

The ad then explains that we have an election coming up, and links to their donation page. They've also helpfully added English subtitles at the bottom, in case you didn't understand anything due to the svädijsch axsänt. Big Trump fans in this party have also turned his "Make American Great" slogan into a Swedish variant, "Make Sweden lagom again" - where "lagom" is a famous Swedish untranslatable word that means "just right."

Client: Alternativ För Sverige

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