Always - #RethinkYourReaction Help stop period shaming (2022) :30 (UK)

This advert is very simple, it shows how some people react, make faces, sneer, or comment when girls bring out their pads. The girls comment to the camera, "it's that look", "it's those comments", narrating what period shaming is, in case you were too daft to know. So far so good, but then something really peculiar happens toward the end. "61% of young people have felt ashamed for having a period." 61%? When 50% of "young people" are boys and thus would never have a period? How can we stop period shaming if you can't just come out and say that it's 61% of girls who have felt ashamed for having a period? Way to make statistics confusing with language. Always went from "Like a girl" in 2015, to not even saying the word "girl" anymore. Their web page about this ad avoids the word "girl" expertly, but their previous hashtags were #FuelHerFuture, #LikeAGirl and related articles are about helping girls around the world. Ironic. Are we period-shaming or are we ashamed to use the word girl? Is this something for ASA UK, since the statistics are now misleading?

Client: Always

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