Anyone care to guess what this is an ad for? Russian man goes mad beserk in office.

So this video, showing a man in a Russian office go all postal, throwing monitors and grabbing an axe to chop up the veal-fattening pens seems like a "planned" viral to me. Or at the very least, faker than hell. What do you think?

Why do I think it's fake then?

The monitors don't seem to have any cords connecting them to anything. This is great for throwing them around but make them pretty useless as monitors. Or are old style monitors not attached with cables in Russia?

In the cellphone version (inside) you hear the girls who you can see doing the silly "step back, step front, step back" dance shrieking like seven-year-old girls trying out for a part in the sixth sense.

I have never in my life heard a woman do that kind of girly scream, and pardon me for the stereotype but I thought Russian girls would be at least as badass as Swedish ones. A normal reaction to me wouldn't be doing the silent movie hand over mouth plus screaming while carefully staying within the frame, it seems that clearing the fuck out of there, and grabbing the girl who got the monitor on her head with me would be far more sensible.
When shit like this happens you're either ducking, fleeing or defending - you don't stand around like extras in a bad horror film. It doesn't make sense. And are there no protective males in this cubicle farm? When women get hurt, men tend to do crazy shit to defend them, like gang up on the nutter and take him down. You might stand back and watch papers being thrown about but when people get hurt, a lot of people (not just men) go straight into defense mode and pile up on the offender. It's also pretty strange that nobody ran up to mediate the nano-second he slammed his keyboard over the head of the guy who messed up his papers in the first place. At every fight, there seems to be a nice guy who tries to mediate and gets punched in the nose. I guess they were lacking one of those at this office.

Seems also like the perfect homage to one of the first proper internet virals, wonder what Vinny Licciardi (original Bad day Guy) thinks of this. He did like the previous homage to the old viral "Bad Day at the Office".

Though there is a cellphone version (with sound) out as well. Hmmmmmm.....

Am I a sad sad person who thinks "it's an ad" as soon as I see a video go viral? No wait, don't answer that. I know. Yes, I am.

Of course, I could be wrong. Feel free to put your two cents in.

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Ah. Mystery solved. Timur Bekmambetov Punks the World With Viral Video reports Cinematic.

Those fearing that their cubicle neighbor might engage in similar hysterics can breathe easy -- it was all a sly bit of viral marketing from Timur Bekmambetov for Wanted. He revealed the stunt over on his personal blog, where he allegedly had a good laugh at the gullibility of the West. I'm not seeing any geographic mockery here, so quite possibly he took that down.

I guess this mans my gut instincts that were yelling "FAAAAKE" as soon as I saw it were right. Good to know that my fakedar still works.

This update posted here as well.

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The imitators need to kick it up a notch or two. It is tough to come close to the original. Then again I do like to smash things. I guess your heart just needs to be in it. Remember if you don’t teach your computer a lesson the next thing you know the printer starts getting out of hand it is total chaos. Besides taking it out on your coworkers just isn’t cool.

Vinny Licciardi (the original Badday Guy)

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Hear hear!