BI: #AgencyLife Hashtag On Twitter Prompts Huge Outbreak Of Whining In Adland

Really? Whining? For me, "If you don't laugh you'll cry" and "it's funny because it's true" come to mind faster than the word whining, but then I was spitting out the majority of adland-jokes in a manic frenzy while cackling loudly like a crazy woman. For a moment there I was afraid someone would arrive with a nice hug-myself-jacket and take me away. In the hashtag some people were humblebragging, others dropping serious gossip under the guise of a joke. OK, that was me. So yeah, we're in Business Insider again (last time we were one of the 22 most influential people): #AgencyLife Hashtag On Twitter Prompts Huge Outbreak Of Whining In AdLand, and the hashtag spawned is hailed with a few well chosen examples. (Note: Jim Edwards article is also available at Yahoo finance.)

Ad execs have a new way to complain about their jobs, and are taking full advantage: The hashtag #AgencyLife sprang up on Twitter last week, Ad Age notes, and execs began confessing their pet peeves about work in public. Some more amusingly than others: The AdLand blog was retweeted more than 80 times when it said, "Client hates first round. Re-do with all their suggestions. Thrice. Client hates that. Show them first round again. Loves it. #agencylife."

You've read the tweet, now buy the T-shirt! No, seriously, Buy the T-shirt. I even made it with a built in bottle opener because I know you guys and you're funny when you're drunk at work or speeding on too many bottles of soda. Yeah, we still have that T-shirt shop. (now closed)

here's the #agencylife tweets @adland cackled out so far. Do join in, it's hilarious.

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