Blue Shield - "Uncovered (statues) - Guerrilla, USA

"Uncovered", a statue display "depicting naked humans in vulnerable positions" is meant to bring attention to California’s 6.7 million uninsured residents. Up to 40 statues were on display at an event last Friday advocating universal healthcare coverage in Los Angeles with Blue Shield of California CEO Bruce Bodaken and former Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Janet Evans.

Taxi New York came up with the idea, while Daniel Stocks created the sculptures.

Paul Lavoie : Chief Creative Officer
Jason McCann : Creative Director
Anne Bioty : Art Director
Matt Keats : Copywriter
Ed Burgoyne : Agency Producer
Sculptor: Daniel Stocks

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brilliant !!!

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I wonder what proportion of those 6.7 million residents are musicians? It's hard for them to get insurance and surely California has more than its fair share of musicians.

The idea is neat, regardless of whom it's aimed at.

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I know I'll be yelled at for saying this but finally there is a topic that I have real interest in and an opinion to voice, so I'll throw caution to the wind and give it a shot, unpopular though my views are.

What the sculptors or whoever failed to mention is that most of those uninsured people are in California illegally and giving them health insurance would be tantamount to rewarding people for breaking the law. There are plenty of people who want to come into this country legally and the government shafts them up and down and makes them wait years and years and then these people cross the fence and all of a sudden they're victims and they deserve pity and we hard working Americans who are here legally should bow to them and give them everything the legal immigrants have to work their asses off for but never get.

Also among the uninsured are young people who feel they are healthy and don't need insurance and would rather spend their money buying cars or luxury goods. They were given a choice and chose luxury goods over insurance so why punish them by making them get insurance they don't want?

And where exactly is the money going to come from to provide these illegals who shouldn't be eligible because they're criminals and young adults who choose not to have insurance? Raising the taxes! Yes! Just what the hard working schmucks who have to fund this program want and need, to pay for their own expenses and for the expenses of others! Don't people in California have it bad enough with earthquakes, wild fires, mud slides, gang violence, and Hollywood nut jobs who think just because they're rich and famous that they can do no wrong? Why make them suffer more with an idea that helps people who don't want or don't deserve it and hurts people who have been hurt already?

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Far be it for me to try and understand how US health insurance works, I like our system, universal health insurance for all because stuff like being able to go to a hospital while pregnant to check all is well, or getting help when you've been injured, diagnosed with an illnes, and preventive care is a human right as well as a good investment for the country. As far as I know, all citizens and legal residents can get help when they need, which everyones taxes helps pay for and I'm happy to do that.

I'm not sure how the paperless (that is, illegal immigrants) go to the doctor or dentist. There are some hospitals that take them in and help them as time allows, but if you don't exist, you can't be sick. I'm sure the Blue Cross would apply the same sort of logic, I think the illegals is a red herring.

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I've had enough of government putting a gun to my head and stealing my hard-earned money to help pay for the health insurance of someone who drives a BMW while I struggle to make ends meet. I've had enough of health care fraud that increases my taxes. I've had enough of government rationed health care.

Canadian government spending on health care alone in 2007 was $160.1 billion dollars ($150.3 billion in 2006). That works out to about $4,867 per person. Approximately 4.1 million Canadians don't have a family doctor. In Ontario, the government spends an estimated $200 million dollars per year in physicians' fees to treat people with colds. The same government estimates a heath care fraud of $1 billion dollars per year. In 2007, wait times in Canada for surgical or other therapeutic treatment were at an all time high of 18.3 weeks.

Typical appeal to emotion ad campaign.