Brains! Zombie must eat Brains! Resident Evil shirt turn you into monster.

Oh hello, KYOOT idea Deezie's Blog shows off new Resident Evil shirts, that double as brain-eating Zombie halloween masks. Resident evil is going Comic Con this year, and this is what you can expect from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - specially made shirts just for you sickos. I love it.

I have one single suggestion to make it even better - next time do hoodies like the one I'm wearing right now. See, I still think I'm around 14 years old and love to chase little toddlers around screaming "MUST HAVE BRAINS" with my face zipped up. I'm probably traumatizing half of my daughters preschool already. Via adgoodness.

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Update: It's been ripped off by Burger King of all people. Get your BK King zombie shirt here folks. wth?

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That hoodie is cool.

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For Resident Evil, the idea is great. For BK? That's just odd.