CINFA Laboratories - For the pharmacies, paper bags that turn into soap - covid awareness (2020)

he work done by pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies during the health alarm generated by the coronavirus has become more evident than ever. On the front lines of the pandemic as an essential service, they have been advising and supporting every patient. Aware of the extreme importance of their efforts, Cinfa Laboratories wanted to pay tribute to the key role these professionals play in a visual way.


That is how 'Papel Clave’ (Key Role/Roll) was born, a campaign created by Ogilvy Barcelona that consists of converting the paper roll of the bags that pharmacies use to wrap up patient medicines into a disinfectant paper that turns into soap when it comes into contact with water. This disinfectant paper can then be used to wash your hands.


A campaign deployed to pharmacies throughout Spain

Cinfa initially sent around 600,000 ‘Papel Clave’ bags to various pharmacies and, recently, sent 1 million more. As of today, 1.6 million paper bags have been sent to pharmacies across Spain where they have been very well received. The bag packs include an explanatory brochure and the bags themselves include instructions on how to use the paper to wash correctly. Many pharmacies and pharmacists have shared the campaign on their social networks with very positive reviews.


“We wanted to pay tribute to the key role that pharmacies and their professionals, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies, are playing during this pandemic. But we have given them recognition in a way that is also useful for society, by creating awareness around what has happened so far and around what needs to be done now – as part of our daily lives,” explains Gabriel García de Oro, Executive Creative Director & Strategy Advisor at Ogilvy Barcelona. Hence the idea of replacing the typical paper pharmacies use to wrap up medications with a soap paper that can be used to wash your hands. “This is how we celebrate the role of pharmacies. We acknowledge them and applaud them. We applaud them with the same hands that are clean thanks to the ‘Papel Clave’ paper. Sometimes creatives are able to pull everything together in a way that seems so logical and straightforward. It’s not. It’s difficult and complex to connect all the dots, but here we’ve done it, and it’s very good!” adds Gabriel.


The campaign aims to pay tribute to the pharmaceutical sector and to value their work. But it’s also about contributing to the well-being of society: by reducing the spread of the disease through hand


washing and by raising awareness around the importance of good hygiene. According to Enrique Almodóvar, creative director of Ogilvy Barcelona, “the campaign comes at a very important moment when many people seem to have relaxed and forgotten the importance of the hygiene required to help stop the virus. Now it is more important than ever to find effective, original ways to raise awareness so that people do not let their guard down.”


With this campaign, the Ogilvy Barcelona creative team has gone beyond pure advertising with a piece that has even greater relevance: “This campaign not only fits perfectly with the communication of the brand and the goal of paying tribute to the work that pharmacists do, it contributes to fulfilling an end, a mission, essential to the whole of society,” explains Enrique. "When we got to work on it, we knew we wanted to honor the work that pharmacies have done, and the fact that we have been able to do that in a practical way with a message that also enhances society makes it doubly valuable," he concludes.

Ad agency: Ogilvy Barcelona
Managing Director: Gemma Gutiérrez
Executive Creative Director & Strategy Advisor: Gabriel García de Oro
Creative Director: Enrique Almodóvar
Copywriters: Enrique Almodóvar and Mar Rodríguez
Art director: Oriol De Carreras
Director of Graphic Services: Jordi Roca
Account team: Anna Torres and Mònica Sensat
Communications and PR: Marc Casanovas, Eva Cervera, Christian Martínez
Client: CINFA
Client contact: Ana Lus (Marketing Manager - Prescription Medicines)

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