Cops pull over decent drivers just to give them Starbucks coupons.

An update on that Starbucks Holiday cheer - presumably happens in drive-throughs - now we learn that cops in California pull over drivers who have done nothing wrong just to hand them a Starbucks coupon. Get the hell away, really? How would you react if a police car went all blinking lights on you, pulled you over and then handed you a coupon for a decaf latte?

Motorists may be in for a surprise if they spot flashing red lights in their rearview mirrors in this Sacramento suburb during the holiday season.
Police are stopping law-abiding motorists and rewarding their good driving with $5 Starbucks gift cards.
A traffic officer came up with the idea to "promote the holiday spirit and enhance goodwill between the traffic unit and the motoring public," police Sgt. Tim Curran said.
Local businesses donated money to buy the gift cards.
"They raised a substantial amount of money," Curran said. "They'll be pulling over a lot of people."

Via boingboing.

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I doubt that Starbucks is overjoyed with the officer's bright idea.  This is one time they probably wish Dunkin' Donuts had won the battle.  And considering it was a cop who came up with the idea, I'm surprised it wasn't Dunkin' Donuts.  Although this did happen in California, right?

caffeinegoddess's picture

Yup - and there aren't any or many Dunkin' there.

TDD's picture

Did the law breakers all take the day off? or did the police already catch them all?

"Happiness is overrated. Take this placebo; it might make you feel better."

tod.brody's picture

C'mon, everyone knows the police aren't really concerned with solving crime...

lordFredruk's picture

Tremendeous. Friendly cops pulling drivers over to hand coupons. Friendly cops get shot by paranoid oldtimer or crack junkie.    

alex's picture

I don't think a latte would repay me for unneccessarily throwing my stash off a bridge.

tod.brody's picture

That's an excellent point, and especially meaningful to all those who might pass through Sacramento on the way back to LA from a run up to Humboldt. :-)

ost.macka's picture

Yes, no one knows about making runs from Humboldt to LA better than you.  :-)

TDD's picture

Is this story true? I have my doubts. There's nothing on about it yet.

"Happiness is overrated. Take this placebo; it might make you feel better."

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I know, it sounds so strange, but that is an AP release... Not that this is a sign of quality and truth ......

tod.brody's picture

The woman I spoke to at the Rancho Cordova Police Administration number didn't know anything about the AP piece, and would neither confirm nor deny that the traffic division was pulling people over and giving them Starbuck's gift cards.  After she got over the shock that I was calling from Denmark, she did laugh though, and wish me a Happy Holiday.  

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Nice one. The adgrunt posse searches for TRUTH y'all.