Eno - Crying? No - Cara de Azia / Heartburn face (2022) :30 (Brazil)

"Everyone knows this guy, but no one understands why" says the VO of the ad starring none other than Hide-the-pain Harold, whose real name is András Arató. And why does he have that face? Could it be sadness, shyness, or lack of charisma?  No, here he is “Cara de Azia” (“Heartburn Face”), which explains why he has looked like this for years. With a quick sorting out using Eno heartburn salts, his face finally relaxes and he smiles.


According to Carol Curi, ENO Manager, the brand chose humor to connect with consumers. “ENO Fruit Salt is a superb ally for people who need to better their heartburn. Bringing an iconic figure such as the Harold meme guy to this dialogue gives more force for our communication to expand the target,” she says.


“To have one of the biggest memes in the world as a character in our campaign is to combine work and fun, and still have the opportunity to build an even more proprietary tone to highlight ENO in this category. The Cara de Azia campaign is not only a relief for Harold, but also for consumers, since talking about heartburn doesn't have to be boring”, emphasize Laura Azevedo and Ricardo Schreier, Creative Directors from Publicis Haleon Brasil.


“Brazilians love memes, and we choose this character for the strength of engagement and the ability to create a connection with different audiences. It's a different, funny and very powerful project”, explains Carol.


Cara de azia

Client: Haleon Brasil


Client approval: Juan Katz, Andre Campos, Debora Kawa Levacov, Carolina Curi, Filipe Pena


Executive Creative Director: Dani Ribeiro

Creative/Content Direction: Laura Azevedo, Ricardo Schreier and Claudia Cecilia


Art direction: Leonardo Azevedo, Rafael Homor and Victor Salioni

Copywriter: José Oliveira, Laura Azevedo and Ana Scala

Content Supervisor: Talitha Andrade


Executive Business Director: Lucas Rodrigues and Joanna Alencar

Business manager: Livia Toledo

Business assistant: Eduardo Lopes


Project leader: Nadia Mathias and Ana Gomes

Project manager: Mayra Gaino


Strategy director: Rafael Fiorito

Strategy manager: Flavia Novelli,

Strategy Supervisor: John Oliveira

Strategy assistant: Victoria Marcilio and Aretha Santos


Media Directors: Luca Lima

Junior Media Director: Fabio Montenegro

Media Manager: Piero Rossi, Andre Pollner

Media Supervisor: Juliana Jardim

Media Coordinator: Bruna Leite

Media Assistant: Luis Tomazela



Head of production: Renata Sayão

RTV: Luize Oliveira e Edivania Coimbra

Producer: Surreal Hotel Arts

COO: Cris Chacon

Executive Production: Milena Trindade

Head of production: Lu Martins

CCO: Carlão Busato

Creative Direction: Deia Matos

Creative Development:Alex Ulhoa, Victória Isabela da Silva and Sol Ômigra

Line Producers: João Avena, Ale Borzani

Executive assistant: Buba Kore

Coordinating Assistants: Ana Alegretti, Bruna Brito and Beatriz Prado


Direction: Carlão Busato and Luigi Parisi


Photography direction: Alex Akira

Art direction: Patricia Pereira

 1st Assistant Director: Ju Cretela

2nd Assistant Director: Elis Manukian

Production Direction: Lu Oppido

production assistants: Kika Fonseca and Sara Serra

Art Producer:: Betinho Baeta and Priscila Zanini

Costume designer: Giovanna Moretto

Art Direction Assistants: Mariana Pesce and Priscila Zanini

Casting Producer: Alice Wolfenson and Neto Avena

Location producer: Tati Setton


Head of Post-Production: Bruno Melo

Post Production Assistant: Leandro Ferreira

Finisher: Murillo Moura

Editing: Jon Kadocsa

Post production house: Warriors VFX

Color Correction: Acauan Pastore

Audio producer:  Jamute
Executive Sound Producer: James Feeler

Producer (Cara de Azia): James Feeler and Marcos Vaz

Producer (Tônica): James Feeler e Leck Gomes

Sound engineer: Fernanda Galetti, Otavio Bertolo and Rafael Laurenti

Attendance: Kiki Eisenbraun, Sabrina Geraissate and Érika Santana

Coordination:  Juliana Zuppo and Leo Vieira

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Finally, this explains the meme. One of the few times I've seen a meme used well in an ad. Bravo.